Holy Conflict of Interest, Batman

Hollywood is waging an ongoing war against the Internet by pushing bills like SOPA and encouraging the Department of Justice to shut down websites — and even imprison people — just for aggregating links to sites that the movie industry doesn’t like.

Hollywood spends millions of dollars trying to buy off politicians.  They’ve even repeatedly let Senator Patrick Leahy — the sponsor of the Senate version of SOPA (called PIPA) and the chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over most bills that Hollywood cares about — appear in their summer blockbusters.  He’s in the Dark Knight Rises, and was also in the last Batman movie.

Click here to tell congressmembers that we need them to stand up for Internet freedom — rather than inflate their egos by shilling for Hollywood and other corporate interests that want to censor the net.


Please click here to tell Congress to quit shilling for Hollywood and other corporate interests, and start standing up for Internet freedom — no more website shut-downs or imprisonment for linking!

2 thoughts on “Holy Conflict of Interest, Batman

  1. “Hollywood spends millions of dollars trying to buy off politicians”. That’s an oxymoron. You can’t buy off someone who’s already been bought off. What, they didn’t stay bought?

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