6 thoughts on “Honest Political Ads – Gil Fulbright for Senate

  1. I went fishing on Shawano Lake and boats were flying by us while we were anchored stirring up the water good. One of the guys along said “Yep, there goes a FIB.” I asked, “What is a FIB” and his reply was “F#^king Illinois Bastard!” 🙂 I guess FIBs even know they’re FIBs! LOL

  2. I always thought a person could win a campaign like this. Just be honest. Say you are going to do everything you can to line your pockets, but your going to bring that money back to your state. Sure you are going to party and spend a lot of time with hookers. They all do it, but at least you will admit it. In the end people might just vote for the guy who admits he is going to make himself rich by going to washington.

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