Honor Student Inexplicably Beaten by Police “I Awoke Spitting My Teeth Out On the Ground”

s1Your Black World – by Yolanda Spivey

BLOOMINGTON IL- On June 29th 2013, Gabriella Calhoun’s life changed forever.  The night was warm and clear, and after partying with friends, Gabriella and her friends decided to go to their local neighborhood Denny’s to get a late night meal.  Gabby is an honor student at Wiley College.  She finished high school a year early and went to college a year before the rest of her cohort.

Sitting on the left side of Denny’s so they can have a view of the parking lot, her crew of 17, all high school graduates, witnessed a fight between two girls.  As the group of college bound students were ordering their drinks, the cops were called.  

When officers arrived on the scene, they entered the Denny’s and approached Gabriella’s table and asked if they had anything to do with the fight.   A friend, who shall remain nameless, told the officers that they were not involved with the fight at all at which the cops left and went back outside.

The two girls who were fighting outside were allowed to go into the Denny’s to “clean themselves up.”  One girl was previously maced by a police officer in the parking lot for acting unruly.  When the two girls saw each other inside of Denny’s, they started to fight again.  The cops rushed into the restaurant to break the fight up.

As the cops tried to clear Denny’s, they again approached Gabriella’s table, at which a close friend of hers told the cops they were not involved with the party that was fighting.  The cops grabbed the nameless young man, (he wants his name protected out of fear of retaliation), and escorted him out of Denny’s.  Gabriella followed them and grabbed his side.  As she exited the Denny’s she felt a grip on her neck and arm and says that out of reaction, she tried to pull away.

What happened next was unimaginable.  According to her friends, Gabriella was hit in the face with a night stick by a female officer and was knocked unconscious.   When Gabriella finally gained consciousness, the Wiley College Student said, “I awoke spitting my teeth out on the ground.”

Gabriella then stated, “When I came to, the officer begin to choke me again.  When I was finally able to talk, I asked the officer to please let me go because I have asthma, but she [the officer], said, ‘I don’t care if you have asthma.  You were hitting my officer.’”

“Afterward, the officer kept saying over and over again, ‘how was your party’ as she held my face to the ground.”

The female cop then lifted the petite honor student off of the ground, at which her b*****s were exposed because the tube top shirt she was wearing had rolled down.  She asked the officer if she could please pull up her shirt, but the officer told her to do it herself.  She then walked Gabriella all the way from the front of the Denny’s to the back where the cop cars were.


Gabriella was then sent to the precinct where she was booked on one charge of felony aggravated battery and two misdemeanors for resisting arrest.

“While at the jail, I received limited medical attention,” said Gabriella.  “The doctors only gave me ointment and an icepack which I had to ask for.”

“I think this is racial profiling not only by the Bloomington police department but also by Denny’s,” stated Lynia Cooper, friend of the victim. “Nobody else in Denny’s had to leave except the African Americans in that area.  The police didn’t hear us out and ultimately used cruel and unusual force on Gabby.”

Cooper added, “Might I add the police didn’t even arrest the females that were involved in the altercations.”

Your Black World tried to reach out to the Bloomington, IL police department, but they said they were unable to make an official statement because the case hasn’t gone to trial yet.

The entire incident left Gabriella terrified. “The whole situation is out of hand,” stated the frightened teen.  “I don’t deserve this and now I hate to look in the mirror.  When I look at what I use to look like to what I look like now, it hurts.  I had the prettiest smile but now I have 3 fake teeth in my mouth.  Nothing is the same.  I have to train myself to talk with my new teeth.”

Civil rights activists are already trying to find out what happened to the student, but are seeking to hear the police department’s side of the story.

“I want to hear what the police have to say, since the burden of proof is on them,” said Dr. Boyce Watkins, who revealed the case of Kelly Williams-Bolar, the mother sent to jail for sending her kids to a school outside her district.  ”But my father is a cop, so I know that her story is not inconceivable.  Police beat law-abiding citizens for little things all the time, and regularly go outside the bounds of decency when exerting their authority.”

Dr. Watkins is meeting this week with the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in Chicago, and says that he will get their inputs on the matter.  Until then, the family is seeking answers and support from anyone willing to provide it.  Watkins says that he is trying to figure out how a small woman required so much force to restrain, even if she was doing something wrong.

“This woman is the same size as one of my daughters,” said Dr. Watkins.  ”Even if she were out of line, I can’t imagine someone having to smash her face with a billy club and knock her teeth out to get her under control.”

The victim’s mother, Montana Amy Calhoun, wants justice for her daughter.  She has given the names and badge numbers of all officers on the police report, which can be seen below.   She is also asking that anyone who can give information on resources for the family in the Illinois area, please reach out to them.  If you know of resources in Illinois that can help the family, please leave the information in the comments section of this article and/or send an email to organize@yourblackworld.net.

Names of officers involved in the incident (the asterisk is next to officers whom she says assaulted her daughter):


Here is a link to the website for the Bloomington Police Department. 



19 thoughts on “Honor Student Inexplicably Beaten by Police “I Awoke Spitting My Teeth Out On the Ground”

  1. Isn`t hat just like the cops. Tough guys aren`t them cops beating up on girls probobly half their size and then using their clubs to beat them. Good, I am glad that they showed the names and badge #`s of them cops. I wish they would have also showed their home addresses too as the cops know the victims address.

  2. More and more of the stories are in the news all the time and the cops get away with it.When are people going to get a belly full of this bullshit and fight back in mass.These bastards travel in groups and their day in hell is just around the corner.Any cop that would do something like this deserves to be dealt with in a manor he or she is begging for.Where were all the good cops we are always hearing about existing.They must be few and far between.Any big city don’t have any,and the cancer sure does seem to be spreading nation wide! Think things are bad now ,just give it a little bit.The more these mercenary thugs get away with the more of this shyt you are going to witness!

  3. FYI….I sent this off to the Blommington Admin office…I’ll let you know if they respond…I doubt it…but if I get hauled off somewhere…someone come get me..eh? Ha!
    Hi There….

    – I am constructing a book about police violence and abuse of official police authority. My Dad, Mom and Brother were all corrupt, abusive LEO’s… and I wanted to write about my observations regarding corrupt LEO’s…and the corrupt judicial process, before I pass on to whatever is next….

    – I read recently where these folks from your Department….


    …..were involved in the beat-down of a college student at a Denny’s…and I’m working on a follow-up Chapter in my book, related to how the City of Bloomington is managing this situation?

    Can you tell me:

    – What was the basis for involving the group of students inside the Denny’s, with the group of kids who had been fighting in the parking lot of the Denny’s?

    – How much did the race of the two groups have to do with the police choosing to interact with the non-violent group of kids inside the Denny’s?

    – What is the ethnicity of the officers involved in the initial call and subsequent beat-down of the young lady in the Denny’s?

    – What is the performance history of these “officers” and have they ever had racial or abuse allegations made against them in the past?

    – Is it standard police protocol to initiate violence against an individual by beating them in the face with a night-stick?

    – Is there not a standard protocol of increased violence applied to situations…if so…why was it not used?

    – If not..why does it not exist?

    – Is your department purposefully trying to kick off race riots so that you can justify the imposition of martial law…due to the collapse of the dollar and the moral collapse of our country?

    – Is your Mayor, Police Chief and local political leadership worried about losing control of the situation and being dragged out into a field by the Grand Jury of citizens and the “crowd” on charges of treason and violations of their Oath of Office?

    – Are the local leadership at all concerned about having a Grand Jury assembled in the field and they, themselves being found guilty of treason?

    – Is your local leadership…including your local Police Chief worried about being dragged into the streets by the mob and being strung up…before they could receive their day in court on charges of treason and violating their Oath of Office?

    – Is your local political leadership worried about being doused with oil-laced gasoline and being lit on fire as part of their execution, once they have been found guilty of treason by the Grand Jury of citizens?

    – If I could receive an official response to my inquiry I’d appreciate it…my book on corrupt law enforcement is due to go to press ASAP…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of a Insane Family

  4. “The victim’s mother, Montana Amy Calhoun, wants justice for her daughter.”

    Believe me lady, WE the people ALL want justice for what these bastards are doing to us on a daily basis. Keep the faith! They will get theirs in the end.

    1. When I was about 15 I was in a police station and I got into a loud verbal altercation with one of the cops. he had already hit me once in the face. Seconds later my father came through that door like an enraged parent should (in a sane world).
      If that mother wants justice for her daughter she has the names and badge numbers she will have to get it for herself.

  5. America’s police have become the largest gang in the world! They have no morals and no repercussions for violent behavior, they injure and kill people across the country daily and have full immunity from punishment. This must be the new civilian fighting force that Obama is creating to suppress the people of America.

  6. If you see piggs engageing in such criminal activity, treat them like criminals and give them what armed dangerous criminals get. Sooner or later its going to come to that anyway, because the stupid low life assholes keep pushing. I tell you woe be the pigg that trys treating a family member of mine like that. They will be sniveling poor piggs, regardless of the cost to me.

  7. the victim student had my full and unequivocal support UNTIL she dropped the race card! and that is when I stopped reading.. I am so flipping tired of the race card.. anyone using the race card should be ignored!

    1. Desertspeak…then you do not understand the role “race” plays in the decision-making process for many cops….it may be inconvenient, but race violations are one of the most common of our civil-rights violations…and I know that because I worked as a Certified EEO Investigator for a couple of decades…not only are race violations difficult to prove, but just going up against any command structure in the US….Police…. Government…etc….can be dangerous…so, being the wrong color can literally get you killed. As much as I wish you were correct… sadly that is not the case…and in this situation, I’ll bet you that the race factor has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the cops….but of their pre-conceived notion of “who was involved”…and assuming anyone African-American qualified…?

      I could be wrong…but I’ll bet I’m not…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    2. desertspeaks, one needs to understand the origin of most racial division. It’s a favorite tool of the Zionist so-called ‘jews’. They pit race against race in an attempt to get them to kill each other, while they hide in the background to reap the benefits.

      It works exceedingly well with the uneducated, and those who are still asleep.

  8. How can grabbing a policeman’s arm be considered an attack? It may not be kosher to touch a police officer, but the definition of just what is considered an “attack” on one of them shouldn’t be left to the vengeful mindset of a violent officer! The lady that struck Gabriella should be arrested for deadly assault and forever banned from police work.

    Four weeks ago an Hispanic man who was publicly drunk was beaten to death by SEVEN sheriff’s deputies in Bakersfield, California while pleading for his life, according to every witness who saw the beating. Of course, any and all recording devices were illegally obtained by the police and to date, not one of the deputies has faced any punishment.

    Time to get these thugs off the street and hire people who police BY THE BOOK.

    1. Oh come on, Tom. Just accidentally brushing past a police officer is considered an assault on a police officer these days. Remember the 74 year old lady in Texas who got arrested for assaulting a police officer the other day when she was merely trying to have the cop let go of her arm because he was hurting her? After barely brushing her purse to the side of his face because it was swinging awkwardly on her arm, the bastard said she slapped him with an open hand which she clearly didn’t because it was all caught on video.

      These guys don’t care and will continue to not do so until we stand up and beat the shit out of them ourselves when shit like this happens.

      OR maybe if we wait until the next presidential election, then Rand Paul can become president and save us from ourselves. (sarcasm)

  9. I am from the Bloomington area. If Gabriella or her family would like to contact me, I know lawyers currently suing the City of Bloomington for other offenses. These officers do not represent Bloomington, they need to pay!

  10. I hope someone recorded all this, if this happened like she said, cops need to go to jail were the real justice can happen. To bad sharpton and jackson had to get involved, now the credibility of this story is going to go out the window, those two remind me of ambulance chasers.

  11. I stay away from the cops they are evil they are the true enemy now trained by the DHS Israel.
    There not to be trusted they have forgotten what it means to be
    a Police Officer.
    A Peace officer. They use there guns to push people around and act with aggression.
    There the Forming of the Police State. DHS, USDA, TSA, NYPD is in with the DHS so is the Miami Police.
    The way they treat people is a reflection of what the Gov thinks of people, cattle mostly.

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