“Hormone Imbalance” by Barbara O’Neill

Published on May 17, 2012 by BeyondPatmos

Did you know heavy periods, very painful periods, penal dysfunction, or even depression and heart diseases are the possible symptoms of hormone imbalance? Lets find out what trigger hormone imbalance in the body and most importantly how to bring it back to normal.

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3 thoughts on ““Hormone Imbalance” by Barbara O’Neill

    1. yeabut, TBI came from somewhere. Your body is not defective, it is the food that is the problem. Some people respond more slowly to the disease for differing reasons. My TBI is/was caused by previously undetected inguanal hernia. Issues relieved by surgery, but still sensitive to gastric upset.
      (cue The Beatles) It’s Getting Better All The Time

      1. TBI is traumatic brain injury

        I thing you are thinking of IBS irritable bowel syndrome.

        I got mine from thinking I could ride skate boards and snowboards and repelling and about every stupid thing I ever did to break most of my bones including back, neck and skull.

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