4 thoughts on “House Armed Service CMTE Chairman Wants Total Global New World Order

  1. People should know that ever since 911 agencies like the NSA all over the globe ‘HAVE’ been rampped up and in full force spying on citizens everywhere. The only so called attacks thwarted were ones that never even existed in the first place. Ones that were created with the help of informants on mentally unstable individuals to put on the show that big brother is a good and necessary thing. If you want to stop terrorism stop funding, training and creating them. They didn’t get their money, weapons and tactics from out their asses.

  2. The fact that the Americans who vote for traitors to their oath to uphold the US Constitution like the Republican from Texas in the video, while considering themselves “conservative patriots” demonstrates how severely mentally retarded most Americans have become.

    We’re talking “Deer Lady Stupid”.

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