How Many Brainwashed Americans Does It Take to Plug in a Gun Ban?

The faces of the victims of Friday’s shootings in Colorado are being brought into our living rooms via the brainwashing box by the corporate propagandists in an effort to make the event a personal tragedy in our lives.  There is no such thing as objective reporting in the corporate mainstream media anymore.  Everything we see and hear is orchestrated for a specific purpose.

It is truly amazing how many brain dead people there are out there.  They actually identify with the actors and actresses in crime dramas, CSI, Cold Case, Law and Order.  This delusion is then perpetuated to the next step through America’s Most Wanted where the viewer is invited to join the pursuit for the bad guys and join the good guys.

This mind set is then further fostered through real life crime productions like the Casey Anthony trial, wherein the viewer texts their evaluations of the case while they are being divided into two camps in opposition to one another.  Using the data derived through this action, we move to the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin production, wherein the element for consideration is transformed from a mother murdering a child to a perceived race crime.

At this stage the participant’s mind hangs in limbo between TV and reality and then, BAM! a horrific incident involving multiple deaths, no clear motive, and the evil guns.  This case will never be resolved to any certainty.  Just like Jared Lee Laughner, the Tucson, Arizona shooter, the Colorado shooter will be put in a dungeon somewhere and force fed a cocktail of drugs until he, not only does not remember who he is, but has no recollection as to what he has done, leaving only the guns to be accountable for the crime.

In the end, the viewers will completely forget the essence of the crime and focus only on the implements used to commit the crime.  If you are one of the brainwashed you will buy into the program.  If not, you have already seen it for exactly what it is.

Time grows short and quite frankly deprogramming the brainwashed must be put on the back burner as we patriots prepare to confront the enemy that intends to destroy us all.  When we have reinstated our Republic under our Constitution, we will address propaganda brainwashing and those who are of so weak of mind as to be susceptible to it.

If you are one of the weak minded, you are warned.  Do not act against our Constitution and Bill of Rights because the television tells you to.  If you do, you are going to be punished.

I believe that in this time when people are voicing their concerns over high tech weapons like laser cannons and drones, we are unwittingly overlooking the most dangerous weapon to be used against us, which is raw stupidity.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “How Many Brainwashed Americans Does It Take to Plug in a Gun Ban?

  1. We are so screwed here in america. The public is brain dead. After reading the local rags here in florida in response to this incident it is obvious. Interviews with people at local movie theaters makes it clear. Or maybe they just printed the responses they chose. Most people were saying they believe we need more security at these venues as they do not feel safe. Iguess we should buy some body scanners from chertoff so you can be scanned to go watch some programming. If it were not for the responses I recieve personally, I would believe that the rags only printed what they chose. Consensus I have found to be right in line with the lying papers though. We are screwed, the american public overall has been so mind controlled that they will never be deprogrammed. Bunch of mindless overaged children that will do whatever they are told to do or think. If I was able, I would leave this country . I can barely on a regular basis make enough money to get out of this county where I can at least find enough work to feed my wife and myself. I will not just roll over but I am not very optimistic about our future with a populace that believes they are fighting the enemy while playing damn video games and watching cartoons. You, I and anyone( the few of us ) that understand this bullshit will be rounded up shortly and sent to re-education camps for our final lesson. They will not take me alive though as I plan on taking out at least a couple of these fascist/soviet style bolshevik f#@kers with me when they arrive. If you are reading this and I am sure you are… not be in the first five or so to come in my door. I hate to say it but there will be no peaceful resolution in this world and this country is way behind the mass awakening in regards to this tyranny. Get your ducks in a row as the time is nigh.

    1. Jeff,
      You seem to be of a mind that there is no resistance force out here. I’m here to tell you there is, armed and trained and absolute in our determination that we will restore our Republic under our Constitution.
      Tune in to Liberty Tree Radio, Monday through Friday at 5, 6, and 8 pm Eastern and listen to the Intelligence Report hosted by Mark Koernke, a noted militia organizer and spokesperson.
      You are not going to hear about the organized militia and their strength on the mainstream. Take the time to tune in and of course tune in to The Word From the Trenches, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3pm Eastern. These are live call in broadcasts and discussion is encouraged.
      You are not alone by a long chalk, in fact Florida, the state in which I was born, has many militia within its population.
      Anyway, check it out.

  2. Well you would first have to admit that at least 90% ( and that is very conservative) are brain dead.
    When I use to teach watch repair I use to run into this situation quite a bit with young people taught in the public school prison training camps. When teaching the class how to use a digital caliper I would get questions about why there was a period in the middle of the numbers (eg 19.19mm) these were high school grads who did not understand the concept of a hundredths and decimals.

    Glad my wife home schooled our kids, they know decimals and lots more

  3. It’s another part of our socialist dictator’s plan to have all guns in America confiscated. I cannot believe all the idiots that go to these trade in your gun programs. They’re sure going to wish they had those guns and the ammo for them when all hell breaks loose! I am sorry, but the people crying on tv saying “Guns should be banned!” are mush-minded idiots! Would they have felt better if the murderer went into the theater with knives, explosives or another type of weapon besides a gun? Guns don’t kill people, murderers kill people.

  4. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

    Albert Einstein

    Jeff: I lived in florida as well(born there) and I’m glad I left though I’m still in america(I can’t stand going back).

    I don’t watch tv but when I visit family in florida my sister watches liberal victims unit(what I call csi special victims unit). The show makes me sick to my stomach as it attempts to humanize cops, dehumanize every criminal(drug dealers are evil hurr), and the hypocrisy on that show is overwhelming. Hurr you have to believe what we believe or your a monster.

    Ya know this story reminds me of a little while ago when they were running the anti prepper propaganda and the FBI was tracking down preppers and this one wife who was suppose to be married to her for 30 years to the police because he was buying guns and supplies to look out for his family. She didn’t try to talk to him like a married couple should talk or anything and she immediately ran to the thugs in blue.

    The cops then confiscated all his guns and food and he was lucky to not be arrested and that was one of the stories that made me realize how brainwashed everybody is around you(including your family or loved ones) and how they’ll easily turn on you if they even get just a tad uncomfortable if their little world they believe they live in is threatened(cowards) and I remember that story made me so mad.

    Jack Sparrow: Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.

  5. It’s funny how a majority of the people on Yahoo comments aren’t falling for this false flag incident and know that Obama is arriving to promote his gun control law and use that as a means of manipulating the people. However, it is not working. The people keep saying, “While I feel the family’s pain. DON’T touch my gun and if there had been someone with a gun, there would have been less people killed.” Everyone is also writing about how he never showed up to help the victims of the Navy Seals families or the people whose homes got wiped out by Tornados in the Midwest while Obama was drinking beer in an Irish pub in Europe last year.

    So instead of people crying out to get rid of guns, they are saying we need more guns. It completely backfired on them. HAHAHA!!!

    No one but our paid government officials and MSM propaganda are falling for this ridiculous charade. Especially after they know about Fast and Furious scandal. People are getting too smart and hopefully it will continue that way and more people will be smart enough to say, “enough is enough!”

    1. Lol I haven’t been to yahoo news articles in a long time(used to go for cynical laughs at the pointless arguing and drama in the comments).

      If they aren’t falling for it then yeah it seems this backfired.

      1. I know. I stopped commenting on Yahoo a long time ago because there were too many sheeple. Apparently alot of them have woken up recently. Good for them and it shows we are winning and the elite are losing.

  6. Honestly Henry, if it weren’t for some of your articles on this site, I would not have a clue as to what the MSM is putting out. Of course, with those clowns, it’s never very difficult to make an educated guess.
    That being said, this is one area I prefer to remain clueless in, by choice.
    NC & HeartofShadows: Yahoo may be bad, but I find BIN probably rates right up there as far as sheeple go. I used to post there quite a bit, but I finally got tired of arguing with idiots. However, there are a number of intelligent posters on that site, so I still post on some stories occasionally, but prefer this one much more.

  7. HEY EVERYONE, HOLD THE PHONE!! The MSM just found out that the police now have found a Batman mask at the killer’s apartment.

    OMG!! I’m sorry but probably when you are go to protest now, you won’t be able to wear a Batman Mask because you could be an evil terrorist now.

    That Batman, DAMN HE’S EVIL!!!! GRR!!! So pathetic.

    (Satire here) In addition to the Batman mask, they will find a Bane mask and a Catwoman mask. (End Satire)

    Come on..people. Doesn’t anyone find this whole incident completely ridiculous and fabricated? This is completely blown out of proportion.

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