11 thoughts on “How (S)election Voters Were Manipulated (As Explained By The KGB)

    1. Katie,
      Do you know what year this conversation is dated?

      I have these thoughts every day when I interact with work colleagues — how is it that they are so stupid? They are intelligent but do not see, _cannot_ see, even when things are pointed out to them. Grrghh!

      Have you (or anyone here) read the book, “thieves emporium?”


  1. Also, the lecture he gave in the early 80’s was so dead on when looking back at it. Everyone needs to watch the interview AND the lecture.

  2. Good post Frank!
    Also read SPETSNAZ the inside story of Soviet Special Forces by Viktor Suvorov. I think it can be found in pdf or text for free. The book goes through how they back whatever they can get to push their ‘party line’.
    Henry knows. He’s read it as well.

  3. Outstanding video post….
    Communism….was and is a globalist, zionist conspiracy; and so it is in the United States…two sides of the same coin controlled by the same actors…..Judging from the riots and actions of the zombies (post Trump election) I would say the jew.S.of A is f##ked beyond all hope…..
    The enemy’s goal is to incite crisis and turmoil. The orchestrated violence between the demoralized younger generation and American patriots.. ….
    How this will be achieved, we will find out shortly…something is planned…. Chaos is coming…….as the KGB spokesman stated …..crisis can be achieved in a matter of weeks…so we shall see…I have a dreadful feeling the fema camps are shortly to become operational…..
    God have mercy on all of us.

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