How the Feds Plan to Use the APA, NSA & Obamacare to Get Your Guns

NICS ExpansionAmmoLand- by James White

Montana – -( I read an article recently, by Brandon Turbeville, about the Executive Actions Obama signed, January 3rd  2014,  further limiting our gun rights, and it got me to thinking about the “Axis of Evil” which have now joined forces to disarm us.

Although there are plenty of tertiary players, it’s mainly Obamacare, NSA and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) who make up this merry collaboration of oppressors.   

Although Mr. Turbeville covered the idea of using mental disorders to disarm the population in his article, I wanted to dig deeper and further illustrate how all of the elements are in place now to make confiscation, due to mental illness, a reality.

If you examine the history of psychiatry, and the numerous membership organizations that sprang out of its existence, you find indisputable evidence of very close ties between psychiatry and government.  The “psychiatric bible” that the APA uses to beat their victims over the head with is called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition, or more popularly known as the DSM-V.

Here is a well-referenced, abbreviated entry from Wikipedia that further illustrates the cozy relationship that criminal governments have historically had with the field of psychiatry.

Political abuse of psychiatry is the purported misuse of psychiatric diagnosis, detention and treatment for the purposes of obstructing the fundamental human rights of certain groups and individuals in a society.

Examples of political abuse of the power, entrusted in physicians and particularly psychiatrists, are abundant in history and seen during the Nazi era and the Soviet rule when political dissenters were labeled as “mentally ill” and subjected to inhumane “treatments.  In the period from the 1960s up to 1986, abuse of psychiatry for political purposes was reported to be systematic in the Soviet Union, and occasional in other Eastern European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.   The practice of incarceration of political dissidents in mental hospitals in Eastern Europe and the former USSR damaged the credibility of psychiatric practice in these states and entailed strong condemnation from the international community.  Political abuse of psychiatry also takes place in the People’s Republic of China.  Psychiatric diagnoses such as the diagnosis of ‘sluggish schizophrenia’ in political dissidents in the USSR were used for political purposes.

Take a look at how our veterans are being unconstitutionally disarmed, and you will get a foretaste of what in store for most law-abiding gun owners.  While doing some research, I came across this article about how the DSM-V states that, at some point in their lives, over 50% of the population will be diagnosed with a mental disorder. Isn’t that convenient? 

If one examines the list of mental disorders, it can easily be seen how, before long, we will all need a session on the counseling couch.  Just take a look at how the APA, in the DSM-V, have virtually guaranteed lifetime patients for their membership, and big profits for Big Pharma.  I have linked to a list of diagnostic codes used for mental health here.  The list of updates from the 4th edition can be seen by clicking here.

It is now a widely known fact that NSA is illegally spying on America, and probably the world.  Apparently, they are even intercepting computers and installing “back-door” access on them before they reach the target consumer.  The breadth and width of the criminality is staggering.  And, keep in mind that what whatever personal information that NSA cannot seem to hijack from us through our communications, they will get from those who voluntarily enroll in Obamacare.  Before it’s all through, the Feds will have gathered enough info on you to run through their matrix and “presto,” you have a mental disorder and need to be disarmed.  The evidence is there, just a bit of dot-connecting is all that’s needed.

Since I am not an “insider” with knowledge about the evil machinations of the criminals who run things, I cannot say for sure that my observations hold any merit.  I just try keep a firm grasp on the obvious, study history and use a little common sense.  I would caution you to also use some common sense when speaking to your physician, or even your dentist, about your problems.  You never know who might be taking notes.

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One thought on “How the Feds Plan to Use the APA, NSA & Obamacare to Get Your Guns

  1. All these unconstitutional laws will just strengthen the black market for weapons,
    If your gonna get a black market AR you might as well go short barrel and full auto!
    When they make normally law abiding good people into criminals because of a bull shit law the unintended consequences will definitely NOT be in their favor.
    Be better if they stuck to the constitution and concentrate on the violent gangs and thugs and theives!

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