How to reload 40mm Nylon Cases

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Instructions for reloading 40mm Nylon Cases

  • Punch out the brass propellant case from the nylon case using a long 1/4 in punch and hammer.
  • Deprime the brass case.
  • Reprime the brass case with a small pistol primer. DO NOT use small rifle primer, they are not sensitive enough and may not fire when struck by the relatively weak firing pins of some 37MM launchers.
  • Fill the brass case with a fast burning pistol powder. The type of powder used will determine how far the 37MM projectile will travel. Using 9 grains of either Bullseye or Winchester 231 will propel a 5-5½ ounce projectile from 160 to 200 yards. For longer range, use 14.0 grains of Accurate #5.
  • Sharpen the mouth of a 38 special or 357 magnum case with a deburring tool. Use the case as a cookie cutter to cut wads out of 3X5 cards or a similar paper. Place the card wad over the mouth of the brass propellant case and seat it over the powder with a 1/4 in flat end punch.
  • Seal the card wad with Elmers glue or fingernail polish. Use sparingly and
  • allow to dry.
  • Reinstall the brass case into the nylon case. A method that works well is to use asingle stage reloading press. Turn the nylon case upside down on the ram. Install a reloading die in the press that the brass case will not fit into and press the brass case into the nylon case.

For use in 37MM launchers, before reinstalling the brass case, chuck nylon
case up in a lathe and remove approx. .100″ overall from the outside of the
case walls. Smooth with 150 grit sandpaper and final fit to your launcher. It
should be a smooth but snug fit. This may seem like very thin walls, but will
hold up to repeated reloading. View gear.

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