How To Tie A Real Hangman’s Noose Knot

Published on Mar 22, 2015 by WhyKnot

Make people happy with this fun Halloween prop. Instructions for how to make a hangman’s noose knot in this easy step by step video tutorial. The hangmans noose is a sliding noose knot making an adjustable loop at the end of the rope. It is also known as the collar knot or the hangman’s knot. It is claimed to be traditionally tied with nine or thirteen coils or wraps but the amount of coils can vary depending on the type and thickness or size of rope. It is knot #119 in the Ashley book of knots (ABoK). He claims that eight coils is the correct amount.

It is actually the same as the uni, Duncan or grinner knot which is used in fishing to tie hooks, swivels, lures and flies. The difference is in the way the knot is tied.

It is one of the strongest noose knots accounting for an enormous body count. It is most associated with lynching, hanging people from a tree, gallows and hanging executions, by tying the noose around your neck and causing neck injury. Death occurs either by breaking the neck or suffocation.

Uses: Made with paracord, it can make a knife lanyard or key chain. In jewelery it is used as a pendant on necklaces. It can also be used as a heaving line knot by arborists and in tree climbing to advance the climbing line. The main advantage in that situation being that if the knot becomes stuck in a branch union or crotch a firm pull will unravel the knot and the climbing line can be retrieved.

6 thoughts on “How To Tie A Real Hangman’s Noose Knot

  1. Nice vid #1 but if I’m not sadly snakebitten, as written in the article, a true hangmans noose has 13 wraps. To properly use one today I believe it would also need to be tied with a hemp rope.

  2. Nice Vid

    hey has anyone noticed while the “candidates are running” that there has been no terrorist attacks?

    could it be the terrorists are too busy running for office?

    just something to scratch yer head on

  3. Good enough. That’s a solid knot. I love knots ever since I got in with the fire service (and before that fly fishing). I h sweat and the hemp and 13 notations but all the same. This is a good knot to know.

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