Howard Beale: Where Are You?

no_gay_marriageA.jpgBATR, February 6, 2004

There has never been a more fitting time to resurrect the sermons of our prophet of doom. Mad as hell, just doesn’t mean the same any longer; and who among us, are not willing to take it anymore? It doesn’t get any worse; the last straw has been broken, as the courts suck and siphon the last sustenance from society. The Massachusetts high court has just penetrated our privates with their perversion. Rule by precedent is a pretext for legal repression, imposed under the guise of equal rights. Outrage is not enough for their arrogance. The impending outlook of ruin is no longer placed into the future. The future has become now, and there will be no reprieve.  

Examine the rationalization from the tribunal: “The history of our nation has demonstrated that separate is seldom, if ever, equal,” four justices wrote. “For no rational reason the marriage laws of the commonwealth discriminate against a defined class; no amount of tinkering with language will eradicate that stain. The (civil unions) bill would have the effect of maintaining and fostering a stigma of exclusion that the Constitution prohibits.” Where is the standard of what is right? Doing what is rightful always trumps sinking into the depths of fostering depraved equivalency.

Dullards who don’t understand the gravity of allowing the sanction of matrimony for unisex aspirants, have no understanding of the conditions necessary to maintain civilization. The absurd premise that a star chamber for deviancy must be obeyed, is like saying that to heal a disease, the patient must be bled. Any society that allows the tyranny of the law to prevail by pretenders that claim to be interpreters is doomed.

Gov. Mitt Romney has it right: “The people of Massachusetts should not be excluded from a decision as fundamental to our society as the definition of marriage.” Nevertheless, it should not be misconstrued that this is an issue resolved by majority vote! The accurate way to view fundamental bedrock principles is whether they are true and valid. ANYONE who refuses to accept that marriage is sacred – between a man and a woman – because the union is ordained by the preeminence of divine authority, has no place coexisting in the same society with normal people. Normal means sane, having the ability to admit that limits are good, when they confirm to the design and purpose for human beings.

If you won’t open your window and start shouting over this folly, when; if ever, will you? The law was meant to be obeyed, but mankind yearns to replace God and mutilate what is left of the Ten Commandments. The root causes of social ills are reflected in the refusal to follow the admonitions revealed to conform with moral conduct. Morality is not a learn as you go process, with pit stops at the Sodom filling station. If you wallow within circles of jerks, the fate of Gomorra is a preordained inevitability.

UBS no long stands for the United Broadcasting System. There is nothing united about a society that can no longer coexist. The broadcasting has become a promotion of a far more sinister prime time program than “The Mao Tse-Tung Hour”.  And the system has perfected the mindset reflected by network President Arthur Jensen: “People are irrelevant,” Jensen explains to Howard Beale. “Nations are meaningless. In the world of UBS, only market share is important”. The judges from the Commonwealth want to force you to accept their shared vision for the common dregs that serve the Justices on the Jenson Court.

The power to rule on the constitutionality of case law is foul legalized aberrance, as much as, any unnatural act. When citizens are compelled to adopt deviance as acceptable and equivalent, the point of no return has been achieved. The Network has achieved a new low in the only ratings that matter. Max Schumacher would never be confirmed to sit on the Bean Town high bench. Integrity and responsibility must be expunged and discarded. The ‘reality agenda’ has a schedule for making the audience embrace and reduce oneself into a homogenous lump of perversion, packaged to sell the message of altruistic tolerance. What you get when the wrapper is removed, reveals a sick social disease. No condom can protect from the hammer of the despot. The gavel of deranged judges rings – no justice. The bell of liberty has been silenced with the rush to substitute secular humanism for divine ordainment.

Listen to the prophet Howard Beale. Reject his warnings at your own peril. Stop the insanity by refusing the programming from a court of courtesans. No couplings allowed that violates nature! Civil disobedience must become the national anthem, that halts the march down the aisle of unholy wedlock’s. No justice of the peace will administer vows of matrimony, when the nuptials are soiled in degeneration. There will never be entente with forced associations that subvert society. A new “Tea Party” will be the only reception, befitting this court. The back bay stinks and the muddy waters need to be stirred. Sam Adams would respond to Beale, what’s your excuse?

SARTRE – February 6, 2004

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  1. Unfortunately many of the churches in Massachusetts are so “liberal” that they will be willing to perform these sodomite unions. The state will now try and shut down any church that stands firm for God.

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