25 thoughts on “Howard Stern – “If You’re Anti-Israel, You’re Anti-American!”

    1. Hi Sunfire,

      Now, now, now,….. No reason to be calling Zion-Howard a “Douchbag” when he’s really just a,… huh,.. hhhmmmmmm,….. a,.. well,… a Douchbag!

      Oppss,.. sorry,.. your right afterall Sunfire!

      Carry on.

      JD – US Marines – And we have have another Zionist 5th columnist proving he is fact nothing more than a female hygiene product (… or some might describe him as a male contraception product… take your pick.)


  1. Stern is one of THE biggest pieces of jew dogsh#t out there.

    Like to see someone micro-nuke his studio (WHILE he’s there, of course).

    1. Hi #1 NWO Hatr,

      Come on now,… Don’t hold back on us!,…. what do you REALLY think of ol’ Howard??

      You know #1,… falling into a cess-pool would leaving me feeling far cleaner than shaking hands with Howard.

      JD – US Marines – (Drum roll,… brrrrrrRRRRP!) – Ta-Daaaaaa! (Horns blaring),… and we have ANOTHER Israeli 5th Coumnist Bag-Of-Puss for the War Crimes Docket!!! Congradulations Howard Stern!,… you have proven your a Traitor, and will be held accountable in the Nuremburg II Trials here in the good ol’ USA! (crowd wildly applauding!!!….)


      1. Right down there with that Zionist POS WHORE, Joan Rivers, JD.

        Look for one I sent in on her too, in the next set posted.

  2. Hey “Stern”, or whatever you call yourself… I’m not pro-Israel, and not exactly ‘with’ the policies and practices of the US “government”, either. I suppose you have a right to your own opinion, as does everyone else…however flawed.
    So, this is just for you.

  3. I’ve never listened to Howard Stern nor have I understood why anyone likes this piece of shit or that thing they call a woman who is his co-host that just laughs at everything he says like having your very own suck-up with you wherever you go.

    1. Agree, NC. Watching her laugh struck me as very strange, and the few words she spoke in the vid. were empty. Never heard HS’s show, and definately don’t want to. This crap was enough for a lifetime. They think they can come here and spew their bull. Why don’t they go to Israel and spew it there.


    On a different subject I just ordered my barrel for my ar black rifle build. Got a green mountain rifle barrel. I found exactly what I wanted and it came in 1:8 twist at a good price. Cant wait.

    My “Diggerdan anti-tyranny rifle” is nearly assembled. I just got the BCG put in. Man talk about a gun fitting perfect every step of the way. Hope the head-space goes as well.

    My engraver fell off the face of the earth. He was suppose to bring me a design for the Diggerdan magwell tribute but thats ok. I can find another engraver.

    1. Nottoobitter I would love to see that engraving when it is finished. I’m sure all of us would. 😀

      1. I will send Henry some pics when its done.

        My original plan was for it to be done before the end of Sep. but Iv been trying to get it done sooner since deciding to make a tribute to Diggerdan.

        Oddly enough this build has gone perfect since deciding to memorialize Digger on it. The funding has been available and the parts have fit perfect. I thank Dan for that.

        At first it was a nightmare. Nothing was working to my favor. Now its like butter. I been asking his picture if ‘this’ is the part he likes? Then when I get it…PEEEERRRRRFECT. I imagine the rounds might be ‘guided’ too.lol. look out district of criminals.

      1. Ain’t it though. LOL Love it! 🙂 😎
        I can see Diggerdan smiling his “Sh$t-Eat’n Grin” ear to ear. 🙂 😆

  5. Howard Stearn, a prime example of a pos joo boy with no talent whatsoever, given a platform to spew morally degrading bullsh!t upon the American people. “Yes, I, Howard Stearn, do solemnly swear to undermine everything good and promote morally degrading, twisted, psychopathic thought upon the American people.” It’s the joo boy thing to do!

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