Hyperinflation, Third mRNA Jabs And Mutations.

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America is unraveling by design. The Great Reset is a plan to reduce the world’s population and to transfer all wealth to billionaires. The World Economic Forum told us that by 2030 we would own nothing. That we would not even be able to afford clothes. We would have to lease the clothes on our back from the Uber Rich. If we owned homes and cars, we would probably have to sell them to buy food. Either that or die from starvation. Or perhaps we could volunteer for annual mRNA injections until the blood clots take us out of the misery the 30 Families planned for us.

David Schwartzkopf was the managing director of Kissinger associates. He wrote the book Superclass in 2006 in which he revealed that this world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. So the question is this: Will you volunteer for mRna experimental injections and allow the 30 Families to eliminate you or will you say No?

Will you also learn to say No to the 30 Families and their Minions stealing tens of trillions of dollars from the taxpayers? Will you say No to foreign wars while America suffers from a $4.59 trillion infrastructure repair bill that the Democrats are willing to spend an astounding $153 billion to fix. This guarantees we will soon have a $5 trillion repair bill and then likely a $6 trillion bill. Infrastructure maintains our ability to produce and distribute what we did make. In a few years we could be in no position to offer meaningful employment that pays enough for food and rent.

Those mRNA injections are experiments. They are designed to use your body to manufacture spike proteins to incapacitate or even kill you. The third mRNA experimental jab is in the works. There are mutations of covid already wreaking havoc around the world. My only question is whether or not these mutations were made in a lab as covid-19 was or are they occurring naturally.  The third jab should be here by December. By December 2021 we should have a lot more sick people as the cumulative effect of those spike proteins take its toll and the vaccinated ones are challenged by a succession of mutations which will never be solved by a 4th and then a 5th experimental jab.

At some point, lots of vaccinated ones will be so sick that they will not be able to work.

We have experienced this before with other vaccines and environmental toxins designed to make us both sick and easier to control. Drinking water is not safe in most American towns. Not just industrial and agricultural contaminants but also chlorine, lead, radiation can be found. The state of New Jersey puts fluoride at high dosages into the drinking water of its criminally insane to make them more docile. Fluoride from aluminum processing plants is put into bottles that say poison and then added to our drinking water.

When the nation of Mexico decided to ban GMO crops and the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup), Monsanto-Bayer was able to find 80 alleged NGOs to beg the Mexican government to destroy their native corn and replace it with something mice refuse to eat. Monsanto thinks that it is irrelevant that no mouse will ever choose GMO corn over natural varieties when allowed a choice.

71% of young people in the US are unfit for military service but that age group is, apart from children, the most unvaccinated group in the US. Back in the 1950s we never heard of deadly peanut allergies, autism, bees and butterflies dying off and 50% of children having chronic illnesses. We live in a sick world by design. Experimental mRNA jabs will just make the vaccinated ones even sicker so they might not be able to resist the next wave of covid mutations and a second bioweapon.

My point is that sick people cannot work. We are already absorbing the dead loss of autism and tens of millions of chronic illnesses. How many more non-contributing and under-performing adults can we absorb? We have severe labor shortages because the Democrats have chosen to pay working people more to stay home than to work. There are about 8 million people in that category. But suppose 18 million people became too ill to work full-time?

If the government gives them a check for not working, then they will have to rapidly increase the money supply as fewer people will be around to pay taxes including the trillions we allow the 30 Families to steal. The US budget deficit is already $299 billion a month. Can we really go to $400 billion and $500 billion monthly deficits?

This leads to an inevitable Hyperinflation. The Uber billionaires need a Hyperinflation to complete the capture of everything we worked for. It will transfer all wealth from us to the 30 Families. But as the World Economic Forum told us by 2030 we will have nothing if we do as we are told.

Massive starvation will make compliance impossible for those who have families to feed so the globalists might not get what they want.

We were told in a speech in 1967 that we would see riots and do nothing. We would only act when Hyperinflation took everything away from us. Read more here:https://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2021/05/06/speech-in-1967-foretold-america-in-2022/

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