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I Am An American!!!

Has America lost its roots? What once was a nation that wanted to be separate and different from other countries has become a nation that wants to be the same as other countries by bringing their own countries over here.

Instead of people saying, “I am an American!”, we are saying, “I am an Israeli-American or an Asian-American or a Mexican-American or a Russian-American” and so on. Have you ever heard of Americans giving up their nationality, moving to another country like Russia and gaining citizenship there and then saying, “I am an American-Russian”? They’d get laughed out of town, if not out of the country itself.

Within the past 20 years, we have seen this socialist warfare rhetoric and even stronger so from Obama, the anthropology expert, of dissecting America into a group of separate cultures who brought their own racial identity, ethnic backgrounds, class status and country’s laws over to the U.S. to inflict on everyone, rather than as a group of unified people, such as our founding fathers, who gave up their own country’s racial identity, social values and country’s laws by coming over to the U.S., creating their own national identity and saying to the other countries, “SCREW YOU ALL!! I AM AN AMERICAN, FIRST AND FOREMOST!” or as Henry Shivley likes to put it, “I AM AN AMERICAN NATIONAL!”.

We should see ourselves not as a citizen subjected to the state or government, but as a free individual with our own identity, not subjected to any form of government, but to our own selves and our own lives! We are the individual ones who will make our own future and be leaders in our own right, without the expressed permission, certification or authorization of the government itself. We are the ones who have sought and hungered for knowledge, experimentation, proper reasoning, logic, morality and ethics in our own right; so that we could find some way of defining who we are as unique individuals and to be able to proudly share our experiences with others. To learn how to become innovative, creative and come up with solutions that will make our lives better and to become something more by growing as individuals and not to be a servant to the government or higher authority who want us to only learn what we need to do the job, like robots at a factory who don’t know why they are doing something, but just know that they are trained or told to do something. And to more importantly, be able to proudly use what we have learned and share what we know in a distinct and unified, free country and to shout out to the world and say, “I AM AN AMERICAN!!!”

In an effort to re-educate America, Charlotte Thomsen Iserbyt published this excerpt written by John Omicinski in her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America to show how we as Americans have perceived ourselves and how a change must be made if we are to become a strong unified America once again:

“John Omicinski, Gannett News Service, wrote “Multiculturalism is a Worthy Goal, but America Still Needs Americans” which appeared in the Sunday, November 20, 1994 issue of Detroit News. Omicinski’s article covered a speech by Librarian of Congress James Billington at the 75th anniversary of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. A few interesting excerpts from the article follow:

Will America lead the world into the 21st century? Not the way things are going, says Librarian of Congress James Billington. [Not] in a country afflicted with a lazy, ill-defined multiculturalism filling up with African Americans, Korean Americans, Japanese Americans, he suggests. And his bottom line is simple: America doesn’t work without Americans.

As a custodian of the library and its 105 million items, Billington is caretaker of the world’s largest depository of human culture. He also is one of Washington’s sharpest minds, an expert on Russian history as well as America’s heritage, and even rarer breed – a straight talker.

The arsenal of information we command ought to qualify the United States as an unchallenged cultural superpower, Billington says. But this imposing mother lode of words isn’t of much use if U.S. residents are too indolent, too self-satisfied, too culturally balkanized to use it, he says…

Is America an idea or a nation?

The sharpening split between left and right makes that a cutting edge question in the current cultural wars. And Billington comes down on the side of nationhood largely because America’s good ideas don’t much matter if there’s no nation to push them.

Gathering the world’s civilization to itself, the United States should be primed to set a model for the world. But it isn’t working that way, said Billington. A gaggle of voices – all given equal weight in a society that may have forgotten its traditional values – has turned America into a dizzy spin, “Unfortunately, we seem to have lost our national compass somewhere on the road to the next millennium,” Billington said. “We are getting ever more lazy…. Many of our great institutions of higher learning seem to have become indifferent to – even contemptuous of – their historic function of transmitting a basic understanding of their own culture from one generation to the next. [sic]

“In place of the expanding, inclusive America, which adds without subtracting, the ideological multiculturist would create a balkanized America and a continuous process of subtraction from any sense of common tradition or shared values…. This kind of multiculturalism is the denial rather than the fulfillment of true pluralism, which in the great American tradition assumes a variety of authentic and deep convictions rather than a… uniformity of relativistic indifference.”

Billington sees a single language as the ultimate national glue. Though English is on its way to dominating the world, America’s left-wing elitist intellectuals say it is shouldn’t be America’s lingua franca. “In any country that endures, there must be a unum as well as a pluribus,” said Billington.

That’s not all.

Billington says a national idea also requires a “clearer understanding than our educational system has often done in recent years of our durable constitutional system and public institutions and of our distinctively Judeo-Christian roots…. The bridges to other cultures will not be solid unless they begin with casements that are sunk deep into one’s own native ground.”

Leaders of our governments, schools and universities have much to answer for, perhaps even the death of the American nation. Billington’s speech is another reason to demand better from them, or show them the door.”

(The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Thomsen Iserbyt. pgs 353-354)

Almost 20 years later from the date of this excerpt and nothing has changed. The false left/right paradigm continues and we have been unable to push our own ideas because of rules and regulations in our society. If anything, we have become a separate multicultural nation, rather than a unified one. We have broken the bridges that we have built from other cultures, rather than unify them under one sovereign country. With the heat of social warfare, we have become unglued as a nation and have become more broken than ever before. With our socialist education system that we currently have in place, we have regressed from a nation of superior individuals to a nation of social fools.

I have always said, “you can try and conquer a country, but you cannot conquer a nation and its people.”

The Obama Administration (as well as the Bush and Clinton Administrations before him) and the elite are trying to conquer our nation and its people from within by stripping away our Constitution, our nation, our Bill of Rights and what it means to be a free, thinking individual. They are bringing people and businesses in from other countries illegally and buying up our land and our resources, while simultaneously, implementing and enforcing their country’s rules and laws in ours, in order to destroy us from within; a tactic that our foreign, imperialist government has done throughout the countries in the Middle East and they have been able to accomplish because those countries don’t or never have had our 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves.

Since we proudly have our 2nd Amendment right, are we now going to just let them take away our right to defend ourselves and our proud nation from the very corrupt, tyrannical government that has assisted in overthrowing countries around the world and now ours? Are we going to let them manipulate us through class and social warfare? When the Communist insurgents, the Zionist Jews and all the traitors of our own country come in to our homes and demand to take away our guns, let’s not forget who we are and what we are and what our founding fathers taught us and fought so hard for. Let’s be the proud patriots that we are and claim to be. Let’s clear our heads of any race, gender, ethnicity or class barriers. Let’s turn to the insurgents and foreign armies, point our guns at them and proudly, with all our hearts and conviction, in one unified, national voice and force and say,


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9 Responses to I Am An American!!!

  1. rollsthepaul says:

    The USA was a middle class experiment designed by the Illuminati/Satanists. It has played out,in all it’s perverted glory but the Satanists have decided that the experiment is over and they will return to feudalism(neofeudalism). At least that is their plan but it will never get off the ground. Earth will cease to have nation states because they were a Satanic creation to separate and conquer. Many Americans are nostalgic about a USA that never existed. It has been an evil project from the get go. Nothing can bring back any of the Satanic creations of the past 200,000 years, on our planet. As of Dec.21,2012, the tenure of the Satanists ended. The Satanists have offered blood sacrifices to their God but to no avail. Drinking the blood of the innocents, only make Hillary Clinton, Pappy Bush, Kate Middleton and many other Satanists, sick instead of the expected boost in their power. They will thrash, but for them, it is only an ever increasing world of hurt. We can expect much vicious behavior from them, as it sinks into their psyches, just what has happened. They will die and not return to Earth. Rejoice.

  2. Ann Onymous says:

    Americans” are not a nation. Which part of “America” are you referring to? North America? South America? Central America? Originally, north America was established by two opposing groups: wealthy landowners with strong alliances to Freemasonry and common folk looking for political and religious freedoms. But they both had one thing in common: they were white europeans. And until the very early 1900’s, only white europeans emigrated to north America and in doing so, founded communities with others of their ancestral homeland. Up until political correctness was forced down the throats of the citizens of the united states of America, one identified themselves as the hybrid “Irish American” or “German American” or “Italian American”, etc. Only after forced immigration of third world nations and, the necessity to vanquish the ethnic roots of the european white majority, did the ethnic moniker fall out of fashion as previously stated due to pressure of PCness. Even though my family came to the united states of America in the 1650’s, I am still an English American. My ethnicity is English; to claim it is “American” would be to embrace all the other ethnicities which have migrated to this land mass, and are not indigenous. And btw… the “native ‘Americans'” are not indigenous either, having migrated here during the last ice age.

    • NC says:

      Dude, when I talk about people saying, “whether they are Israeli-American, Russian-American, Mexican-American” and so on, I am referring to the issue of dual citizenship or people who are illegal coming over here and claiming to be Americans.

      I know that everyone has roots from other countries. Even I have French, German and Italian blood in me. That’s a fact and doesn’t go away and is understandable. What I’m trying to say is that people continue to use this excuse even when they are born in this country. We Americans are being brought up through indoctrination to believe that we have no nation. That we are just outcasts or foreigners from another country. That is untrue. America is made up of many cultures and that’s fine. But the main point is that America as a NATION, A SOVEREIGN NATION, must be embraced, first and foremost. This idea that I’m of Russian blood even though I was born in America, so I must look to support Russia first because that is my family’s country of origin is complete bullshit! And that’s what Obama and the rest of the elite are trying to do through their social warfare.

      We must put aside this “all Americans are foreigners” attitude and accept the fact that, like our forefathers, we must give up still calling ourselves another nationality simply because that is where our past family was born in. When our forefathers came to this country, they gave up their past and their country of origin. They declared a new identity for themselves and a new start and a new country. That is what we need to do.

      WE ARE AMERICANS!!! Americans are made up of different people and it is those kinds of people that make America great. Combined together, there is nothing this country can’t achieve. We must embrace our American nationality!

      Look at Singapore. They are made up of Indian, Malaysian, Thailand, Chinese, Indonesian and so on, yet they are proud to call themselves first and foremost, SINGAPOREANS!!! That is what I’m talking about. They see themselves as a separate sovereign nation made up of many different cultures with their nationality as SINGAPOREAN first and foremost!

      When you accept the American nationality or any other nationality for that matter, you are giving up your old life from another nation and accepting a new one. You cease to become a national of that country and become a national for the new one.

      We must embrace our nationality, our way of life, our individualism and freedom and get rid of these Zionists and other un-American individuals who hold dual citizenship and so on and who continue to hold allegiances to two masters or countries rather than one.

      We must come together and do what’s right and best for AMERICA and not for Russia, China, Israel, Mexico, the elite and so on and so forth. They have their country and we have ours. So stop the bullshit and start embracing your American heritage, your American nationality and your American way of life! Otherwise, you are only helping to further tear our great country and nation apart. United as a nation, we stand, divided we fall!

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Well then you better get your limey ass back to England because I promise you, there is an American people and we are sick of dissenters like you.
      Get out and get off this site.

  3. Juan says:

    Gotta say something here. I was born and raised here but my parents are not from here. If I say, “I’m American” people automatically say “Yeah but originally from where???” I’ve tried this numerous amounts of times. People want to know where you’re from. People have to change their attitude and start thinking of people as American. Anyway, after I say I’m American, I mess with them. They ask, “from where originally?” I say from NY!

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Swedish, German, French & Irish, in that order, I think.

    Good article, NC.

    I AM an American!

    • diggerdan says:

      HAHAHA HAHA – American National Native, German, Norwegan, Dutch, in that order for me I think – at least I know/hope that I got that American National Native right anyway I hope #1 lol…….. P.S. Hell #1 I might just have to add a little bit of the milk man in there also, just my luck ya know #1 roflol! haha.

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