‘Sniper Seen on Roof Overlooking Pro-Palestine Protest’ at Indiana University

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

A police sniper was reportedly photographed and filmed “overlooking” pro-Palestine protests at Indiana University on Thursday.


The photograph was captured by Ben Sharpe:


Conservative journalist Margaret Menge shared a remarkable video on Twitter which she reported showed a “sniper on the roof of the Indiana Memorial Union” at Indiana University.


Police reportedly staged a mass arrest of protesters to prevent them from setting up a tent encampment:


The heavy-handed crackdown on pro-Palestine protesters throughout the country is revealing to the entire world where the real power lies in America.

2 thoughts on “‘Sniper Seen on Roof Overlooking Pro-Palestine Protest’ at Indiana University

  1. so much for position concealment , another sniper from the “other team” could have snuffed his ass out , or at least radioed his position to those in need of the info
    who ever this dink is, he aint no good at his job or no one would know he was there , you never allow your muzzle to project from the building, or a window ..and if you cant do that from yer set up spot, you find one that you can

    I dont know where this blue stripe got his training but my CO would have shot him himself as a lesson

  2. police will hide and shit themselves when somebody’s shooting up a school but deploy this shit when students criticize a foreign state

    I feel like RISKING getting shot exercising your constitutional right is a little unconstitutional
    Ohio National Guard has entered the chat 4 dead in Ohio, hope this state gestapo is wearing his punisher logo , because its so fashionable within the ranks of the blue cowards

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