Idaho National Guard Deemed “Law Enforcement”

Below are emails I received that are addressing an Idaho State House Bill that is going to integrate the National Guard into Local Law Enforcement. The emails are from Sheriffs & local County Managers that came to me marked “Priority”.

I have had several conversations with others this evening and we have not heard of any other State contemplating such legislation.

I know it is a Bill that is just the beginning of in your face hostile militarization of all Law Enforcement in the United States and the removal of local LEO as being the top authority in local governments.  

I know that this Idaho Bill is being kept out of public eye as much as possible. Maybe other’s States are contemplating or have already enacted such legislation.

You can read the bill here: H0367


Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 11:00 PM
Subject: Fw: House Bill 367
Importance: High

Following is Sheriff  XXXXX outline of the concerns he has with House Bill 367.  Anyone who agrees should contact our District #X state legislators or the legislators for whatever district you live in.

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Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 10:18

Subject: Re: House Bill 367

First I believe that law enforcement in this Country should not be done by the military. In my opinion the purpose of the military is to defend the Country not enforce the laws. The current law allows for the military to be used by law enforcement in a support role. At least in a support role the proper civilian law enforcement agency is in charge and can be held responsible if things are not done correctly. To me this bill falls under the category of the militaries continued encroachment into law enforcement. I bet that not many people know that the Bureau of Home Land Security for Idaho is under the military division and the commander is Brigadier General Brad Richy. Below is the mission of the Idaho National Guard:

The mission of the Idaho National Guard is to protect, preserve and defend the lives, property and individual liberties of the citizens of Idaho and the United States, and to support and defend the constitutions of the State of Idaho and United States of America and the democratic traditions and institutions they embody.

Another concern that I have with the bill is why is it needed? I looked up 32 U.S.C. 112 and it defines how the Secretary of Defense full funds the National Guard for its supporting role in drug cases. Part of what this bill talks about is the ability of the National Guard to share in forfeitures from Idaho Code 37-2744. That code section covers everything from the drugs themselves to property and firearms.

To me this is just another step towards total State or Federal control instead of local control.


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Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2014 18:41
Subject: House Bill 367

XXXX please share this info:

Please check out House bill 367 that is currently being considered in the
Idaho Legislature. It will make the Idaho National Guard a State Law
Enforcement Agency. It is claimed that they need to do this so that when
they help with drug cases they can collect forfeited money and assets to
help cover their costs in the case.
I have voiced my concerns with this bill to our local Representatives and
Senator. I do not think that this is a good idea for so many reasons.



16 thoughts on “Idaho National Guard Deemed “Law Enforcement”

  1. This will be tested and then go to other states very very quietly. Just like anti gun laws, a test here, a test there and it is all in place.

  2. WOW, this is a very bad precedent! I am having trouble wrapping my mind around this disturbing news.
    Ladies and gentlemen, this IS the beginning of true tyranny. The death of the USA is almost complete. Revolution in any feasible form is now necessary!

  3. People should be freaking the f^ck out about this. This is how the Feds are getting their foot in the door on those local LEO departments that are formulating their Constitutional Resistance against these treasonous Commies corksuckers.

    I’ve seen the actual emails; the Sheriff that has made these statements clearly sees this as a total control of ALL LEO with a complete nullification of the Bill of Rights using the U.S. Armed Forces as tools.

    It appears the State of Idaho will be used as a “test” zone due to most of the population is Patriotic, Christian, Conservative, firearm owning Americans; qualities which anger the hell out of Federal Communist Party let alone the imported politicians that hold office in the State of Idaho. What those politicians fear most is losing their battle; after the smoke clears, the People of Idaho will hold Grand Juries, try & convict those who commit Treason against the Sovereign People.

  4. It’s all clear now why several of the scum politicians were calling for the NG to patrol in major cities around the country last year.

  5. As an Idaho Resident I can assure You that nither myself or other patriots in this state will let garbage like this stand.

  6. This must mean then that the united states is under martial law then doesn`t it. Isn`t that what it is called when the military is acting as the police force in amerika? The national guard is a part of the military isn`t it? 😡 👿 😯

      1. Yep NC, they just do not want to call it martial law. Yes NC, This may very well be the start of it all when they are doing this – militarising the police departments. They are some real sick puppies aren`t they – yea the military should refuse to do this at all costs.

        1. They’ll say anything they have to in order to NOT say it is martial law because they know that if they do, it’s game over.

          For example, “No, it’s not martial law. We just have some troops training on the streets.” or “No, it’s not martial law. We just need them to help us with arresting some criminals.” or “No, it’s not martial law. We just needed some troops to help us make sure that no one leaves their houses and if they do, the troops have to shoot them for everyone else’s safety and security.”

          So, in other words, you will never hear them say, “Ok guys, we finally decided to declare martial law. It’s official. Here we are.”

          Just like you’ll never hear them say, “Ok guys, it’s WWIII. This is it. War everywhere.”

          1. Too true. Seems like so many people are so sedated that unless you spell it out for them in monosyllabic words they refuse to believe it. Storm’s a comin’

  7. “In my opinion the purpose of the military is to defend the Country not enforce the laws.”

    In your opinion? This has nothing to do with opinion. This is a FACT!

    “It is claimed that they need to do this so that when they help with drug cases they can collect forfeited money and assets to help cover their costs in the case.”

    So they are using the military as a collections agency for the Federal Government? WTF?

    And that is their justification for the military? WTF?

    What happened to the DEA? Too busy at the border helping Holder smuggle in the incoming drugs?

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