If Hippocrates’ advice Were Followed “Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine Shall Be Thy Food”, there Might Not BE an Autism Epidemic…

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The Plant Kingdom has evolved along with the rest of us for over fifty million years and has tailored itself to our needs to the point where certain plants like Turmeric, ginger and garlic are beginning to be recognized in the West as disease-preventives because they ‘beef up’ the Immune system, which is an ‘automatic’ function of the body – but works only if it’is getting the right nutrients.

If “you are what you eat”, then it can’t be fun if you’re fast, cheap, easy and fake…  

Nutrients like live (raw) fruit and veggies interact “smoothly” (Smoothies are great) and are absorbed immediately by our own ‘live’ cellular mitochondrial bits that make us up. Our cells process living nutrients much easier than ‘processed’ food because preservatives, coloring and other chemicals have to be first taken out by the liver.

After liver cleansing, everything ‘good’ is sent around in the system, lubricated and flushed continually with the 75% water we are also made up of…

When the ‘auto-immune’ system (like your soul, spirit or imagination) isn’t fed properly what happens is that it gets weak and can’t fight off disease like it’s designed to do – and the Common Cold can nail you.

This has been called the “Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome” AIDS – note the words ‘acquired’ and ‘syndrome’ and ‘Deficiency’ – btw a ‘syndrome’ is not a single ‘disease’, but the presentation of a collection of the symptoms of more than one disease; lack of crucial nutrients will leave you deficient in them; and, sure it’s ‘Acquired’, like any other ‘deficiency’, but how, stupidity or ignorance?

Not everyone has heard of Hippocrates outside of the doctor’s oath.

After this ‘Syndrome’ appeared, a popular Urban Myth popped up that claimed we have suddenly ‘acquired’ a “Human Immuno-Virus’ type ‘bug’ that no one seems to be able to find, something which does not escape me, nor should it you, but that’s the PR story running loose around town and anyway ‘antiretrovirals’ seem to have contained the syndrome’s… er, disease’s effects and that particular revenue stream is coming along nicely, thank you very much, Big Pharma…
AIDS (the collection of symptoms indicating what I believe are dietary deficiencies causing the immune system to malfunction, but then I’m not a doctor) is most likely ‘acquired’ by an unbalanced diet caused by drug or other social trauma, like boredom, the most likely cause of ADHD –  How can anyone pay attention to a drone trying to ‘condition’ you?

A diet that is ‘deficient’ is going to give you touble. All the nutrients we need are genetically linked to us in (very likely all) of the many foods offered to us on the fifty-million-year-old menu nature serves up pretty much for free every day – it’s like leaving out a teacher in the classroom or baking powder in a cake.

When your immune system weakens, you get ‘sickly’; when it crashes, opportunistic diseases we normally shake off before we even notice them, climb in with a vengeance.
Is this the Petri Dish “Death Phase” caused by trying to live on Junk Food?

Tom Dennen


One thought on “If Hippocrates’ advice Were Followed “Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine Shall Be Thy Food”, there Might Not BE an Autism Epidemic…

  1. Having looked after many AIDS patients in the early (treatment free) years of the epidemic, I can assure you that it was a little more specific than being a little run-down and susceptible to a few colds.

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