19 thoughts on “If the Game is Rigged, Change the Game

    1. “stinking jews”. They can scrub themselves off all they want, wear all the designer clothes and walk around like their sh!t don’t stink but they’ll never get rid of that jew stench. When you are the devil’s own, that stench is part of the deal.

    1. What makes you think I’m complaining? The planet we live on is NOT what you think it is. Bulk up!!!
      . . .

      1. Cathleen, I don’t believe Ryan was referring to you, personally, with his statement. I do a lot of parody and smart talk in quotations like I’m the spokesman for these a##holes talking down to us “goyum”. It helps to understand the ridiculous mentality of these people.

        1. I think I meant to say was . . . as “they” continue to steal the water from CA/USA, where will {everyone/illegals included) continue to go? It’s not a good situation for anyone in the US. So it’s not CA that is the rotten apple.

          Apologies if I misunderstood.
          . . .

          1. You’re absolutely right Cathleen. Everyone enjoys that 3000 mile salad. When Cali goes dry, so goes the produce. This is planned. Watch the jet stream, as I’m sure you have. They want to starve us out. Aqua phonics, is going to be the key, but now the big boys want a hand in that as well. (There are ways around that). Yeah, I’m with Millard, Ryan wasn’t targeting you. He’s as angry as you and me. Only we can flip this checker board. The bullies never play nice, and their solution is to break the game board. We know better.

        1. That comment about Bill I didn’t take too well. He’s been with the movement a long time. There’s words of wisdom from that guy who’s “been around the block” a few more times than most and, yes, I admit his message is difficult to decipher at times, but give the guy his just due.

  1. That’s right. Our life has been rigged since before we were born. Those who believe they lord over us and make a profit off of our existence, are going to pay dearly. They just don’t know it yet. Inbreeding’s a bitch!

      1. We’re all in this together here in “The Trenches.” Even though we are all capable of “agreeing to disagree”, there are certain principles, such as our Bill of Rights, that are beyond discussion.

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