If you keep gold coins in a safe deposit box, you may already be too late

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I woke up and thought, I think I will go to the bank today and see the gold coins my grandpa gave me about 15 yrs ago, as its been about two years now since I have been to the Bank Box.

So, when I got there the bank manager asks me, “How are you today, Mr Jones?”

“I am fine, I would like to see my bank box, please.”

Senior Officer: “Okay Mr Jones, this way.”

So he takes me into the vault room and brings me my safety deposit box. “Here’s your box Mr Jones, take as long as you want.”

“Okay, thank you,” I said.

To my surprise the (2 dozen GOLD KRUGERRANDs  that I had are GONE! WHAT!!!!!!!

“Mr. Manager, where are my coins? Who has been in the box? No one should have been in it. It’s My box.”

Then the bank manager said, “The CIA has taken them, they think you are in the MOB.”

What? There has not been a police officer notify me, nor have I been arrested for anything. That’s B . S. You will hear from my lawyer.”

So that’s were I am at right now. But here is the kicker, there was money in the box too and it was not touched. I am still waiting for my lawyer to get back with me at this time.

The bank was 5/3 of CINCINNATI OHIO, so if anyone has a bank box with this company or any bank at this time, PLEASE get your stuff out of your safety deposit boxes now before its too LATE!

Two dozen gold coins at 1 troy oz are about $41,000 US dollars. That’s two years of hard work for me and my family. I am so mad about this ROBBERY AND INJUSTICE that has been done to me and my family at this time.


Feb 26, 2013


24 thoughts on “If you keep gold coins in a safe deposit box, you may already be too late

  1. All governments have been taking the peoples gold since we have been on the earth. That is what we human slaves have been put on earth for. To mine gold. Soon the “gods” will be here to collect the rest of the gold.

  2. Funny. Isnt it the CIA that works for the banks? Last time I checked they did. How poetically ironic….banks blaming their moronic lackeys in the CIA.

    Anybody who thinks the ‘law’ is on their side or that calling the police will make a difference is very naive at this point.

    Ever hear of John Corzine? That criminal piece of trash violated one of the cardinal rules of investment management (DO NOT COMINGLE FUNDS) and yet he is sitting in his mansion eating caviar laughing at us all contemptuously.

    Their day will come soon though, God willing.

  3. While it’s always a good idea to have physical control of your precious metals, this story doesn’t smell right. Firstly, unless you’re a Mexican Drug Cartel, the CIA isn’t interested in the money or gold of private US citizens inside the US. If they are, their mission has radically changed.

    Maybe FBI, local police, or IRS, but not the CIA. Secondly, his SDB wasn’t sawn or drilled, as “there was money in the box too and that was not touched”.

    So, according to the tale, he goes to his bank, asks to see his box, is taken to his box like nothing’s going on, and AFTER he opens the box and finds his gold missing is told “Oh, BTW the CIA took your gold, as they thought you were the MOB”.

    And yet more far-fetched, the CIA knew he was keeping gold in his SDB in a small bank in a small town in Ohio…and yet sat on the info for ~2 years HOW? They opened the box without sawing or drilling HOW? They took 10’s of thousands of dollars in gold without filing a single criminal charge or other paperwork against him HOW?

    And, miraculously, there are no other reports in the world about the CIA physically confiscating gold from US Citizens inside the US.

    IRS, FBI, ICE, Local police, yes, but not CIA.

    My bet is that this person has never used an SDB. Unless the bank is breaking the law, there is no wayt to get into one without both keys, or physical destruction. When an SDB IS breached to confiscate the contents, it is drilled or sawn open.

    The CIA already makes plenty of money on the worldwide drug trade. They wouldn’t waste their time for 41,000 worth of gold.

    Sure, the feds probably would like to grab all privately held gold, but doing an MIB raid on individual SDB’s in the off chance that they would have some gold inside is hardly cost-effective.

  4. As soon as the Patriot Act came out, I emptied my bank safe deposit box and shut it down. The writing was on the wall ten years ago.

  5. Trusting a bank with your money and valuables is like trusting a hungry shark not to eat you when you’re in the water and bleeding.

  6. It is obvious that the CIA did not do the theft. The CIA is all about “foreign” intelligence, connections to the mob is a domestic matter that the FBI should be tracking. This smells very, very strongly of an inside job. There should be a record of every access to the box, thus a link to the real thief. This is totally consistent with the rampant corruption in the financial sector for well over a decade now.

  7. Some other thoughts supporting an inside job.

    1. The gold coins are totally anonymous and not trackable.
    2. Paper money is marked by serial numbers and possibly tracked, thus was left behind. If the the Feds really had a case they would have taken “all” the money as evidence.
    3. The fact that the person you spoke to came up with (or was told) such a poor story already puts him/her or immediate supervisors on the suspect short list.

  8. I dont doubt this could happen or has happened but this story sounds fabricated. I definitely wouldn’t keep precious metals in the bank either way.

  9. First of all, when the shit hits the fan, do you think the bank will let you in to remove your valuables?

    2nd, banks have been in collusion with state governments to loot the boxes. I saw a piece of a news show where a women had had a savings account, a checking account and a safety deposit box in a local California bank where she entered the bank weekly and did her business. They looted her SDB of stocks, bonds and a heirloom pearl necklace and sold them for pennies on the dollar to bank insiders. The proceeds went to the govt of California. This was over a decade ago. Other states have similar programs.

    She was told that under California law, her SDB had been abandoned and the owner could not be located. Even though she lived nearby and was physically inside the bank on a weekly basis.

    Our government is now looking at your retirement accounts and 401K’s as a source of income for themselves. They’ve looted Social Security and the value of our homes. What’s next?

  10. Before you open a safe deposit box, check the bank’s escheatment policy. The banks made a deal with the states that allows the bank to legally steal the contents of the box if is abandoned. The banks take the cash or money in the accounts, any other valuables go to the state to be auctioned off, and paperwork is tossed in the trash. The state of Delaware gets a large stream of income from escheatment.

    Here’s the kicker- the bank gets to determine what constitutes an abandoned or dormant account. You can be in the bank and visit the box regularly, pay all your box fees, and they can still call your box abandoned if you don’t have certain specific types of transactions such as a face-to-face teller deposit or withdrawal within certain periods of time.

    I know this because it happened to me. Luckily, I caught it in time and had a long conversation with the bank manager, who didn’t care, and I filed a complaint against the bank and I got a blow off form letter.

    State law requires the banks to send written notices and to wait certain periods, but as we’ve all seen, the banks don’t have to follow the laws if they don’t want to. Your only recourse is to sue them and good luck with that.

  11. In 2011, British police raided 7,000 safe deposit boxes in London claiming that the boxes were used by criminals. People had to prove that they weren’t criminals to avoid prosecution and they still didn’t get their valuables back.

  12. As far as I can ascertain this is just another FALSE internet rumor. I cannot find ANY trusted source that can verify this as the truth. All this proves is that GULLIBLE people will believe ANYTHING somebody posts on the internet. Sorry, I’m not buying this.

    1. Davey,ever hear of a country called CYPRUS,HOW ABOUT THE S&L CRASH IN THE 80S or the millions who lost their RETIREMENT accts thru wall street fraud in2008,but dont worry your lil head it could NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN,Hey do you still believe in leprachauns.

    2. Hey Davey, I know some crack heads that I would trust more than the bankers that would keep your money for ya LOL, go ahead and trust your bankers, you are funny Davey J.J. Topp. I think that I would trust those crack head junkies more than those bankers.

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