4 thoughts on “Illegal!

  1. It’s important to avoid letting them change the language, because your verbal behavior is directly linked to your physical behavior.

    We have to move away from anything that sounds “politically correct” and instead try to stick to traditional usages and definitions of words.

    You’re familiar with the process: illegal aliens become “undocumented immigrants.” Patriotic Americans become “right-wing extremists”, and all of these subtle changes are important, because they help to slowly shift the political opinions of Americans toward the commie agenda.

    Please don’t be shy about correcting people who use the commie “new speak”. It’s a lot more important than you might think.

    For example: Once the wet-backs become simply “undocumented immigrants” it suggests that the entire problem only requires a little paperwork to be straightened out. “Illegal alien” reminds people that we’re talking about criminals.

    1. I agree and have always said all words have meanings, be careful of the true meanings and those that want to change the reality for what suits their agenda

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