Illegals courted with ads costing millions of dollars to flood Obamacare rolls

la-fi-mo-california-exchange-enrollment-201402-001-1.jpgRed Flag News

(LA Times) — California’s insurance exchange said more than 828,000 people have signed up for Obamacare coverage ahead of a March enrollment deadline.

With six weeks left for open enrollment, the Covered California exchange also unveiled new TV ads Wednesday aimed at reaching uninsured Latinos.  

The state exchange said it saw an uptick in Latino enrollment during January after a slow start in the fall. The state said 28% of enrollees last month identified themselves as Latino, compared to 18% for October through December.

Latinos represent more than half of the state’s uninsured population, and many of them qualify for federal premium subsidies under the healthcare law.

Covered California said it will spend $8.2 million through March on Spanish-language advertising, up 73% from what it spent in the fourth quarter. The state is also hiring more bilingual call-center employees and looking to host more enrollment events at Latino supermarkets in Southern California.

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