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  1. No imagination necessary. And since we all have to suffer for the ignorance of these idiots, we have every right to complain about it.

    Americans are morons who know nothing but entertainment. They move their empty heads and fat bodies from the TV, to the Movie theatre, and then to the football game, the rock concert, and then the party.

    This endless giggle-fest has left them incapable of dealing with reality, or even recognizing it when it hits them in the head. They’re going to have to suffer greatly before they ever try to pull their heads out of their asses, and when they finally do, they’ll be too ill-informed to even know who’s destroying their lives, their country, and their families.

    1. And the few people of any intelligence, are too goddamn arrogant to entertain the possibility that they don’t know everything.

      The recent college grads are the worst. Brainwashed little commies who know absolutely nothing of practical value, while being totally convinced that they possess all the world’s knowledge.

      PhD’s in political correctness, and too arrogant to hear anything to the contrary.

      1. Yeah, it would be bad enough if people were merely ignorant. But as you say, many don’t even WANT to hear the truth regarding certain matters.

        This is especially the case when attempting to discuss any aspect of the Jewish tribal agenda for the US and other Western countries. Often people REFUSE to listen, even when they’re presented with stone-cold proof in the form of direct quotes from Jewish sources. They’ve been conditioned to reject politically incorrect facts without a thought, and nothing is more politically incorrect than critical discussion of Jews. (Neocon media has made Muslim-bashing one of the few “safe” ways to be un-PC. It’s a PC way to be “un-PC,” if you will.)

        Of course there are other sacred lies that keep American minds enslaved.

        “Diversity is our strength.”
        “Our brave men and women in uniform fight for the freedoms we hold dear.”
        “Most police officers are good people; there are just a few bad apples among them.”
        “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

        Fortunately, I know from personal experience that there are some out there who WILL take the Red Pill. There are still people out there who still haven’t been exposed to the truth. Though it was always available on the Web, they never knew to look for it in the first place. That’s where people like us can help.

      2. Hi Jolly Roger,

        Hahahaha,…. if it wasn’t so serious, your observations would be hysterical!

        I’m sure George Carlin is looking down from the heaven he thought did not exist,… and is smiling at your comments!

        JD – US Marines – Ok,.. I think Jolly Roger is ready to step into George Carlin’s shoes and pick up where Ol’ George left off!


    2. JR, your the only person I have heard say this and its so true “Americans are morons who know nothing but entertainment” I know first hand because I worked in television, computer editing and graphics had come alive in programming. I knew that nothing could be trusted again, not a dam thing was real, but now we could make it look real.
      So has I always say 40% of the public is the walking dead (JD believes its 70+%) and my mind is made up “find evil and kill it.”

      1. “Is wrestling on yet Honey, are we missing it?” “Oh, am I so glad we’re free!” (Bill Hicks) I see brain-dead morons everyday, every time I leave my house. I’ll run into these retards who think they know it all when they’re just retards and don’t know it. There is no convincing otherwise, they are steadfast in their own stupidity. That’s why I don’t go out much. My hand would get too sore trying to slap some sense into retards which is a losing battle from the onset. Someone broke the door down at the asylum and they’re “out there”.

        Instead of the famous line of “I see dead people”, well, “I see stupid people.”

  2. When I work for the Board of Elections, people always ask me who should I vote for. I want to tell them, stop think and get the frell out of here.

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