The Never Ending Revolution in Egypt

It is being reported that Egypt is once again under military rule following its annual revolution, and all across America people are asking the question, “Why can’t we be more like Egypt?”  Well I’m sure that the Zionists would love to put our country into a perpetual state of upheaval without resolution, as they continue to rape our country of its natural resources and move us ever closer to slavery.  If Egypt will accommodate in offering up an ongoing example of what does not work, they shall continue to be amply rewarded to the tune of 1.6 billion of US taxpayer dollars a year.

I do believe that according to our law, in the event of military coup in any country, all US aid is to be cut off.  But of course the communists, being communists, just throw out some rhetoric like, “We really don’t know if it’s a military coup or not” and the money continues to flow.   

Am I missing something here?

When Mubarak was overthrown, it was the military that accommodated that coup.  It was the military that allowed Morsi to be put into power.  And now, it is the military that has removed Morsi, as he has not conformed to the military’s dictates.  Of course, the aid to the Egyptian military must continue as the Zionists controlling the US government must continue to pay their protection monies for our Israeli masters, all US or international laws notwithstanding.

It is hard to gauge exactly what is behind the re-revolution rerun in Egypt, but I personally believe that once the Middle East invasion by the US and Israel is in full swing, we will be able to look back on these present events and say, “Oh, it makes perfect sense now.  Those sneaky sons of guns, who could have thought they could ever be so duplicit?”

Lord help us to identify the plans of our enemies so that we may stop the diabolical Zionists.

One thought on “The Never Ending Revolution in Egypt

  1. I think you miss that Morsi promised to govern from the middle and instead promoted fundamentalist intolerance of minorities, and planned to have the Egyptian military fight in support of the US funded cannibals in Syria.

    Morsi and the Brotherhood are Western pawns and now the same folks are pushing El Baradei.

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