Imprison Obama

obama-prison-prism-fed-wall-streetGoogle returns over 2 million impeach Obama results and nearly half a million results of the two words Obama and imprison. It is not easy to fathom how many of the articles, blogs and comments in the results are merely rabid vapid racists incensed that a black is President; versus how many have more legitimate grievances.

Some of the articles make various cases to try Obama for War Crimes, Crimes against humanity. Again, race seems to be a factor as Obama’s death toll is about twenty-fold Clintons and about 20% of Eisenhower’s.  

In America, some people’s sense of justice (impeach Obama, imprison Obama or pay him 50K per hour for life on the lecture circuit?) is from TV law shows, TV judges and sports. Answer in your mind rapidly a peeping Tom is ogling you naked should he be put in prison?

If you said yes, then ask yourself how many times the NSA used your cell phone to listen to you and/or watch you in the bathroom? 5-10 years per incident would put Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney and the rest of the list and every NSA man, woman and child in lock up for hundreds of life-sentences per person. Now ad in murdering Khadafy, Afghanis, Iraqis, Gazan’s and West Bankian’s and you has an Obama who should do life no parole or receive a death sentence. The less one looks at artless racism and bigotry and the more one looks at peeping NSA and millions of refuges starving in war torn regions the more Obama appears deserving of prison.

Now add in the thievery, the banksters debacles, the bank bailouts and you can go all the way back to George H.W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush and all the thievesters and banksters deserve life with no chance of parole.

Washington has mostly tried to compartmentalize self-embarrassment, e.g., we will answer a few questions on the banksters and Fed and nothing else. The so-called journalists in the crowd are corrupt access journalists to ensure nobody on-camera blurts out, “President Obama, have you and your friends used NSA Prism to enrich yourselves via Wall Street Insider Trading with insider-spy-info used for your personal wealth building?

Most Presidents since FDR could have gone to Prison after Impeachment for their ideology paired with their War Crimes, their Genocide masquerading as “Freedom and Democracy”. The George Herbert Walker Bush and the Bush Cheney cartels as well as the Obama Biden Cartels engaged in corporate socialism, societal totalitarianism, Bolshevism, Leninism, Marxism, the rule of the proletariat corporate communism with the rights of the individual becoming the rights of the corporate election sponsors.

The Bush’s, Clintons and Obama’s transferred all of the rules, regulations and laws of the Bill of Rights to collectivism, state-ran capitalism, state ownership of the individual, anti-democracy, anti-freedom and more rule of the proletariat. Those who cry for Obama Impeachment are neither as misguided nor as kooky as they may sometimes sound. But Impeachment is not a just cause nor just punishment for a peeping Tom who’s National Security Admin has both watched numerous millions of Americans dress, undress, pee and poop with cellphone and laptop “nanny cams” under the guise of “national security”…

The NSA has used its five-phase program to torture and murder tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans, War Crimes against our own. Obama alone has engaged in Genocide of American people via the NSA Crime Syndicate aka NSA Crime Cartel. Impeachment does not fit the crime as Life in Prison with any possibility of Parole. Obama should not be Impeached for his Darwinian Rights of Banksters ideology but rather Obama should be tried and executed for the NSA murders of American Citizens; this is a fitting sentence to the crimes committed. The Obama/NSA Crime Cartel has turned the rule of law into the rule of: government corporate bribery crime exploitation extortion fraud graft malfeasance nepotism crookedness demoralization jobbery misrepresentation payoff payola racket shadiness shuffle skimming squeeze unscrupulousness venality breach of trust bribing fiddling fraudulency on the take profiteering shady deal…

Fourteen years plus of crime strip-mining cartels in the Presidency/Banking-Crime-Spree system with USA dissidents being blacklisted and tortured/murdered by NSA psychopath cartels has pushed America past a brink from which it may never turn. Rather than the government giving the populace some token victory such as the Mayor of Bell, California going to prison – the populace needs to demand Obama and his cabinet banisters go to prison…

18 thoughts on “Imprison Obama

  1. “Again, race seems to be a factor as Obama’s death toll is about twenty-fold Clintons and about 20% of Eisenhower’s.”

    Race is not a factor, and Obama’s death toll total will not be known for years. He is destroying the country you idiot, and people will be dying from his actions in the coming months and years.

  2. “Again, race seems to be a factor as Obama’s death toll is about twenty-fold Clintons and about 20% of Eisenhower’s.”

    Ike the kike is quite a benchmark for mass murderers. If you want to see what a death camp actually looks like, see what this zio-bastard did to the German POWs after WWII. His intentions were clear and very successful unlike the mythical “death camps” the Germans had for their subversive enemy that seemed to only ultimately raise the number of joo population.

  3. Im a convert. Sign me up for the “tptb are criminals” club. Im sold!

    ten is my friend, ten is my friend, t…….

    1. Hahahaha!! Nice. So I guess now that we have this new Communist Core Math system, the old system of 2 + 2 = 5 is obsolete. 😯 D’oh!

  4. Imprison? Seriously???

    Only if you’re talking in terms of for a speedy trial (72 hrs. max), and then straight to the hangman within another 72 hrs.

    No appeals.

    And no visits from Michael.

          1. I just named my new 5ton military truck after it because while cars get girls names this one looks like a man, man.

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