Infowars: Assassination of Donald Trump Will “Prevent” a Civil War in the US

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ITNT – Now that the information war machine has been put in overdrive, Trump’s main ally and mouthpiece in the American “alternative” media – Infowars – has gone full rogue. A loose cannon that is about to cause real-world bloodshed, both in the United States and foreign theaters of war.

In a twisted, sick and repulsive propaganda piece that was published on the Infowars website, earlier today, Alex Jones’ truth racket now claims that should Donald Trump be assassinated (by anyone) that event would “prevent” a civil war in the United States.

This insane propaganda seems to have been written by people who have lost their grip on reality and now they want to drag everyone else with them, all the way down to the bottom.

“Now, both sides of the establishment (left and right) have the opportunity they’ve been waiting for; the ultimate false flag attack to strike down our president!

Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.

Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran and the American media will fully support that narrative.

This will ultimately prevent Civil War and divert the people’s anger away from the treasonous Democrats.”

The line in the sand has been drawn a very long time ago. People who still are Alex Jones groupies today better realize that they are an enemy that the true resistance will CRUSH eventually. Don’t say you weren’t warned in advance.

In the News Today

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