Insane McCain – Number One Peace Hater

Apparently, the United States is once again pondering a strategy shift in Syria.  The mainstream propaganda is bringing Syria back into the reality of the handful of sheep who are deceived beyond the realms of practicality.

Arizona Senator John McCain, Republican, a generational member of the Industrial War Complex, has begun to spew the same old rhetoric in his service to his Jewish masters, who covet not just the lands of the peoples of the Middle East, but every possession upon planet Earth.   

McCain and company are growing desperate as the threat of peace looms omnipresent and peace is one thing that the Zionists cannot allow as the Israelis have already sold the oil in the Golan Heights a few times over.  And of course, the ever expanding empire of Zion has already designated the fresh water in Syria to its future expansions, along with the lumber from their trees.

It has become an affront to the intelligence of any thinking man or woman as propaganda, already proven false, is resurfacing as a part of the push for the American lapdog to go forth and conquer more territories for the Israelis.

Syria has literally been removed from the mainstream propaganda program for many months now.  I guess we Americans are supposed to be so dumbed down at this point that a few months away from any subject is sufficient to allow the same old propaganda program to push forward past all speculation.

We are supposed to have forgotten that it was the American and Israeli financed Al Qaeda that used the sarin gas.

We are supposed to forget that John McCain was featured in photographs embracing known terrorists as he was trying to make us believe that the conflict in Syria is somehow our business.

And we absolutely cannot forget the most horrendous twist in that the Al Qaeda in Syria slaughters Christians while being financed by American Christian tax dollars.

The contempt of John McCain and company for the American people and our ideal of peace is boundless.  At a meeting last week, wherein Syrian Christian representatives were trying to assert the reality of the US backed Al Qaeda slaughtering their people back home, McCain tried to shout them down and tell them they needed to leave.

I think John McCain needs to leave for Israel, where his true interests lie.  I think the people of Arizona need to ask him for their money back as he, with his pushes for war and amnesty for the southern invaders, has never represented the people who pay his wages.  McCain has absolutely made it clear that he considers our children as nothing more than cannon fodder for the cause of Zion.

I cannot stand to look at the man as I can see the evil seeping from his pours.  He is a criminal, a coward, and has committed treason against our country during war time.  While other American soldiers, being held as prisoners of war at the Hanoi Hilton were tortured and starved, Dear Johnny, the Admiral’s son, spent his time at a hospital where he not only gained weight before being released, but fathered two children by a Vietnamese nurse, one of which has become powerful within the Vietnamese government.

Make no mistake, John McCain sees the American people as nothing more than a commodity, existing for him and his elitist one world brethren to use and abuse for the greater glory of Zion.

May God help our people to see this treacherous little monster for exactly what he is.

9 thoughts on “Insane McCain – Number One Peace Hater

  1. HOWS THIS – ” bomb bomb, bomb bomb mc caine ” . I wish that he would do us all a favor and take a flying leap off a tall sky scrapper. Or atleast donate his last years to medical science experiments well I know I could learn somethig if I could run some medical experiments on mc cain and I would actually have some fun while actually learn something – but then once again that would be socially unacepted wouldn`t it like most everything else I have done 😉

  2. Besides the rants of the traitor McCain, who sang like a canary while in the Hanoi Hilton when all the other prisoners held to their oath and courage, and all the other Democratic and Republican Marxists who are selling out America, Syria soon will become a place of notice.

    In Catholic prophecies, from mystics of unquestionable integrity and reputation, comes some warnings of a “large battle” between Russian and America ground forces in Syria around Aleppo in the near future – if that is true that means there is a “big” war coming.

  3. “Insane McCain – Number One Peace Hater”

    Were he to read the title of this article (sans the word insane) he’d no doubt be flattered. He’d probably think “At least I’m # 1 at SOMETHING.”

    Good post, ‘Rick’ 😉

  4. How can right thinking people of AZ elect and reelect a vile little piece of crap like mccain? Somebody must have been dicking with the ballots.

  5. “but fathered two children by a Vietnamese nurse, one of which has become powerful within the Vietnamese government.”

    Gee…imagine that. 🙄

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