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Sandy Hook Truth, January 10, 2013

I’ve been looking at the property records on Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza reportedly lived with Adam, 36 Yogananda to be exact.  I noticed some very interesting things while going through these records.  First, Peter Lanza not only owned 36 Yogananda, he also owned 13 Yogananda.  There is no record for 13 on the Newtown property records so I’m unable to see the sale dates of that property but the address shows up in People Finders.  

Also, several houses on that street all have a “sold” date of 12/25/09, the exact same date.  This is the case for 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 30, 31, 34 and 35 and more.  The properties can be viewed here, just type in “Yogananda” street.  24 Yogananda is owned by Newtown.  I don’t understand a lot about mortgages and property records but it doesn’t make sense to me that almost the entire street shows the same sold date.  Nancy Lanza’s house has a sold date of 2/8/11. Edit (1/11/12) – I looked at some different property records and the 12/09 appears to be related to warranties.  The 2/8/11 date of the Lanza residence is a quit claim.

The most interesting thing that I found is that John Trentacosta owned the property adjacent to the Lanza’s, 34 Yogananda.  John Trentacosta is the CEO of Newtown Savings Bank and is also on the Federal Reserve Advisory Council.

trentacosta federal reserve

He has also been heavily involved in the fundraising for Sandy Hook.

Newtown Savings Bank CEO John Trentacosta told Patch that the fund came together as a response to countless requests.

“We had no experience of dealing with anything of this magnitude,” he said, so the bank reached out to the United Way. “They agreed to help us be custodians of the fund.”

Newtown Savings Bank and the United Way are planning to form an independent advisory board that will make decisions on how to get the money out, Trentacosta said, but bank and foundation officials won’t make the final call. More likely, he said, everyone from town religious leaders and PTA members to Board of Education members and first responders will have a say over how the funds are used. 

The United Way has come to aid in similar situations in the past, including in Littleton, Colorado. “There’s a tremendous amount of need,” Trentacosta said. “… A lot of individuals can’t go back to work after that.”

The bank can’t disclose how much has been raised so far, but support has been widespread and the United Way has been utilizing the press and social media to spread the word.

“You have to understand — this was done as a reaction. People wanted to know how to give,” Trentacosta said. “We’re not actually doing an active solicitation … What we’re trying to do is be responsive and helpful to our communities and the citizens who were impacted by [this tragedy].” link:

Edited to add People Finder record of addresses for Peter Lanza.  I blacked out the others but you can see the “13 Yogananda” and the “36″.  I’m not sure what to make of this as there is no property record available.

13 yognanada addresses blacked out

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  1. Update someone living close by to the 36 house drove to the area and there is no house at the 13 address which might explain no record found for that house. This is very very strange. Read the comments at the site of the information located at the bottom of the people record sheet.

    1. Connecticut is where the dead man is from that the Usurper in Chief is using his Social Security #. Another fraud that should have put this guy behind the bars, awaiting the gallows, a LONG time ago. EVERYTHING about this person is a fraud.

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