4 thoughts on “Intruder Doesn’t Heed Warning, Woman Shoots Him In The Chest

  1. A most important video, but then I’m thinking about how the tv guy further exposed the woman, making her even more vulnerable. This is one of the comments at YouTube:

    “Hey reporter, thanks for telling everyone where I am, the name of my company, showing video of all the landmarks, telling everyone how old I am, that I am alone, that police response is slow and that I have no neighbors close. I’m sure I’m much more secure now. I got to go. I have to go buy up all the ammo I can find so I can shoot everyone else that now will be coming up here. Thanks!”

    Crazy!! Could he not have known what he was doing?!! Still, we rarely see a mainstream report that validates self-defense like this one does.


  2. Even if people in the vid. didn’t agree with the lady shooting the trespasser makes absolutely NO difference!

    She has the absolute right to secure her property to the point of actually killing the intruder of which would have been much better for her to have done. This way he would NOT return.

    If I were her, I would NOT let the media cover the story and disclose, like galen pointed out, all the details which are not necessary.

    They make such a stupid big whip over people protecting their property. It is NOT news worthy.

    Psychological warfare is all which leads to the discussion of whether or not she should have shot him. Blah, Blah, Blah.

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