Iowa’s Native Daughter Wins Ames Straw Poll

Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll, which should be no surprise as Iowa is a farming state, hence a farming subsidy state.  I’m sure those Iowa farmers would be happy to have their native daughter in the White House protecting their farm subsidies, while taking food right out of poor children’s mouths to pay for them.

Michele Bachmann is a neo-con and equates to nothing more than a corporate meat puppet.  As far as anyone trying to defend Bachmann in reference to the farm subsidies, note: Bachmann herself received over $250,000 between 1995 and 2006 for her farm in Minnesota.  Of course these welfare farmers are going to support her wholeheartedly.

This woman wants to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  And I promise you if elected, she would in no way touch the defense budget or end a single money war.  I’ll tell you what she would do though if her masters in Israel so directed, she would send your sons and daughters to slaughter in Iran in order to procure further riches for the Israeli Middle East Empire.

Michele Bachmann is a traitor who voted for the Patriot Act and against American freedoms and liberties.

Last but not least, if any Iowans voted for Bachmann for the sole reason that she was born in Iowa, I tell you you are the stupidest among the stupid.  This isn’t a football game, morons.  Michele Bachmann does not bear allegiance to Iowa or the United States.  She is a neo-con, globalist, and anyone who is stupid enough to believe a word she says, will be deserving when she throws them under the swather.

Ron Paul is our country’s last chance.  I have to believe that like everything else in this country the vote in the Ames Straw Poll was corrupted by money.

As for any Iowans who actually voted for this elitist three-faced charlatan, I say you are stupid beyond stupid and I tell you we the American people of the American race are way past sick and tired of living with stupid decisions made by stupid people like you.  And when we take this Republic back, those who have betrayed this country, even through stupidity, are going to answer for the effects their stupidity has had on the rest of us.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Iowa’s Native Daughter Wins Ames Straw Poll

  1. You go, Henry! I wouldn’t put it past them to vote for her simply because she’s from their state. i know quite a few Texans who did that with GW. Scarry stupid.

    1. Yeah Angel,

      Stupid is scary ’cause ya’ jus’ cain’t fix it! And there’s allot that needs fixin”! Anybody who falls for this ditz-brained puppet-chick really scares me. And I thought Palin was disgusting! Yikes!

  2. With the exception of Ron Paul, the others treat this as if they were running for
    class clown. The only thing missing when they are on stage is the “carney barker”
    himself. It’s a rich mans circus, and we can’t get a ticket. Again, with the exception
    of Mr. Paul, what makes any of these simpletons qualified to run this country the
    way it was intended to be run? Bullshit must be money, because there all rich.

    1. JP,
      I’ll pass on a quote from Steven Hawking:

      “It is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value.”
      Stephen Hawking

  3. It looks like tamper prone voting machines were used in this poll (,2933,292991,00.html), so there were no paper ballots to count. Why then was the announcement of the results delayed until over two and a half hours after the polls were closed? I would think that when employing an electronic polling system, the results would be instantaneous. One can only imagine the discussion behind the scenes during those two and a half hours. Something definitely stinks in Iowa…

  4. We could be certain if the poll said Ron Paul was the winner, it would be the truth! Any other result cast’s serious doubt in the mind of Americans who know they are being lied to daily by the media. Looks like the Fox is in the hen house!

    1. Right Now Ron Paul may as well be George Washington, we need to support him to win this war! These crooked *ss holes are trying to take the wind out of our sails, but it won’t work dammit! I know that I have never wanted to fight for anything more than I want to fight for this cause!! The cause is our Country, our Constitution and FREEDOM!! We must succeed.

    2. Yeah! And we need to patch the hole in the fence. Too bad we weren’t paying attention before things got to this point.

  5. Brian…………….. So True!
    Here in Michigan there were a lot of people paying attention. We we had no choice but to pay attention as the Auto unions pushed all of the auto makers right out of the country. I was a Purchasing Manager and I knew it was coming when I started getting my ass chewed for not sourcing business over seas. And learned that our own Government was giving tax breaks when we did source over seas. What kind of shit is that? Paying companies to move work out of this country. The hourly union folks had it made for so long they just didn’t think it could happen to them. The union sold them out. Hundreds of thousands of Michigan jobs were lost within a couple of years. I drive by all of those big factorys now and tumble weeds are blowing across the parking lots and the buildings have been torn down a sold for scrap. Pretty good indication that they have no plans of coming back.

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