IRS criminality proves big government is lawless, unrestrained and utterly out of control

governmentNatural News – by Mike Adams

Without any direction from the President, if you believe the current denials, the IRS went on a politically-motivated rampage that turned its own agents into weapons of intimidation and censorship against any non-profit which taught the Constitution or used conservative buzzwords like “We the People.”

As part of its campaign of tyranny, the IRS demanded from the groups titles of all the books they had recently read, details of Facebook posts and names of all their donors. They even asked for the names of students they taught! Applications for non-profit status were routinely denied or delayed, and a huge number of individuals including Catholic priests were warned that if they didn’t stay silent about opposing Obama, they would be “scrutinized” even further (i.e. audited or worse).  

Obama says he knows nothing about any of this, even though he was of course the primary beneficiary of all this activity. But let’s assume he’s telling the truth for a moment, as bizarre as that idea may seem to most. If Obama really knew nothing about all this, it paints an even more frightening picture of a rogue government group with unlimited power that answers to no one and does whatever it wants, regardless of the legality of its actions or directions from Washington.

And then, once the truth comes out and the criminal behavior is exposed, those who carried out the crimes say, “We were just doing what our bosses told us” while their bosses — the heads of government — say, “We had no idea what these people were doing. They went rogue!”

Lawless government out of control

What the IRS scandal really proves is that big government is completely out of control. Give an unelected group a bureaucrats enough power — the IRS is run by appointees who don’t answer to voters — and they will sooner or later construct fiefdoms of corruption and criminality.

This is a universal law of bureaucracy. What the IRS did to conservative groups, the FDA is routinely doing to natural products manufacturers and supplement companies. It’s what the DEA is doing to medical marijuana dispensaries and what the FTC is doing to religious ministries that also happen to sell herbs for cancer.

All bureaucracies become criminal mobs if given enough time and power. This is a screaming red flag with a clear message: Government is TOO BIG, too complex, too powerful and is operating far outside its limits of power.

Government is the biggest threat to freedom and justice in America today.

In fact, this IRS criminality has been going on since at least 2010, and the agency has been getting away with it until just now when a few facts just happen to come to light. No one knows just how many people have been threatened and intimidated, mobster-style, by the IRS which focused its efforts on intimidating those who were speaking out against Obama. Technically, this behavior by the IRS calls into question the validity of the entire 2012 presidential election. Had the IRS not been engaged in overtly criminal activity to suppress the free speech of non-profits critical of big government, the election may have very well turned out differently.

Government bureaucracies answer to no one

What’s even more frightening in all this is that government bureaucracies — FDA, IRS, DEA, FTC, etc. — ultimately answer to no one. And when they break the laws, nobody is held responsible and no one goes to jail.

If you or I commit felony crimes and engage in intimidation of fellow citizens in order to silence their speech and violate their civil rights, we will get drawn up on felony charges by the feds. But when the feds do it, the crimes are ignored.

No wonder everyone is so completely fed up with the IRS and the Obama administration. Across the board, republicans and democrats alike feel outrage at the realization that the Obama government is a rogue criminal mob operating far outside the bounds of law and the constitutional limits of government. There is nothing this government cannot and will not do to stay in power and destroy its critics, including threatening them with IRS attacks if they speak out against Obama.

This is how tyrannies come into being. As Michael Gerson writes in the Washington Post:

In each recent case, government used power in ways that were insular, highly politicized and intimidating. And however individual responsibility is eventually assigned, these attributes are not aberrations in the Obama era. The administration tends to view its actions as above scrutiny and its opponents as beneath contempt.

The result is a paradox. As the ambitions of government in the Obama era have expanded, respect for the institution of government has reached new lows. These scandals add another layer of cynicism. And the practical political effects are very real. Who is more likely this month than last to trust the federal government with the implementation of Obamacare (in part by the IRS), the enforcement of new gun-control laws or the securing of the southern border?

IRS behavior proves conspiracy theorists right

Another interesting realization in all this concerns those of us who have been warning about the runaway criminality of the Obama administration for the last several years. Websites like and (as well as others) have been blowing the whistle on the criminality of Eric Holder and the Justice Department, which ran Operation Fast and Furious(smuggling guns into Mexico).

We’ve been warning about the selective prosecution of whistleblowers, the rise of government tyranny, government selling out to global banksters and the attempts to intimidate critics of government into silence. All this time, we’ve been labeled “conspiracy theorists” by the mainstream media, which somehow believes there are no such things as conspiracies.

Until now. Suddenly the Associated Press has its phone records seized by the Justice Department in an unlawful attempt to identify the AP’s whistleblower sources who are exposing the criminality of the government itself. The AP has been crying foul over it, taking on almost the exact same kind of tone that InfoWars and NaturalNews have been publishing for years while being accused of “anti-government” leanings. Suddenly the Associated Press is technically the newest “anti-government” group because it’s criticizing the criminality of government gone bad, too. (Yes, in America anyone who points out the criminality of government is instantly labeled “anti-government.”)

Now the world is waking up and realizing the conspiracy theorists were right all along. The Obama administration really is a criminal enterprise run by genuine mobsters and crooks. America really is “occupied” by an enemy force that respects no law and uses its power to dominate and intimidate the people rather than serving them.

We have crossed the Rubicon of criminal government. And the only way to restore liberty at this point is to indict and prosecute the criminals responsible, all the way up the chain as high as it leads.

Because a government that would use the IRS as a political weapon of intimidation would do anything. It makes you think twice about everything you’ve heard on FEMA camps, martial law, false flag attacks, population reduction, fluoride and vaccines, doesn’t it? It forces us all the ask the question: Is there any limit to how far the Obama administration will go to destroy opposition to its agenda of a big government takeover of everything?

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28 thoughts on “IRS criminality proves big government is lawless, unrestrained and utterly out of control

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Although the title of this article is ostensible,.. it in fact demostrates a fundamental flaw in the understanding by most, which is this:


    Period,.. bar none.

    This is NOT about “lawlessness,….

    It is NOT about “Criminality”,….

    It is NOT about being “Unrestrained” or “Out Of Control”,….

    These are just the symptoms.

    In fact,.. many of the corruptives forces now in control operate with highly restraining abilities, with complete control, and to a hidden set of laws and directives that most have no idea even exist.

    This is the Opposite of what the title suggests,… how can this be??

    It is simple,…. this is NOT an American Gov’t,.. it is NOT run by Americans,.. it is NOT here to obey the US Constitution.

    HHmmmm,…..Then what is it?:

    The US Fed Gov’t is a front organization for the International Banksters, a small group of Wealthy Elite,.. and a collection of Corporate Mafia.

    This country has ALREADY been overthrown,.,. and it was done from the inside out,.. without a shot fired, and with no fanfare to celebrate the exact moment this was achieved,… if there even is one.

    If we really wish to fix the problem,.. it starts by properly identifying the problem.

    The problem is: Congress, The Judiciary, the Executive Branch, and the “Freepress” are all treasonous in nature. The only solution is to abolish what can NOT be repaired,… identify, arrest, charge and prosecute the traitors,… all tens upon tens of thousands of them,…. and reinstitute our founding doctrine of gov’t, the US Constitution, and Bill Of Rights.

    Any other tactic is a short cut,.. and will allow the same cancer to continue, expand, grow, and reassert itself as a destructive force in no time.

    We are actually left with very few ligitimate options if we truly wish to save ourselves, our country and our posterity.

    JD – US Marines – It is time…

  2. The other thing that no one is addressing is, the IRS is not a federal government body. It answers to the FED which is also not a government body.

    Obama can ask everyone to resign but he has NO authority.

    The US is occupied by a foreign hostile enemy.

    There is no more talking left to be done.

  3. JD, once again, you nailed it – precisely. No BS, no fluff, just straight to the crux of the problem. You should start a blog.

    1. Hi JM,..

      Thank you for the compliment.

      My duties to this country, as well serving my country are best accomplished by working with people, and thru a medium that best disseminates the kind of critical information that needs to be brought to the attention of all Americans.

      “From The Trenches World Report” with Henry Shivley (and Laura!) is one of the best conduits for this.

      It is also my privledge and honor to work with a true American, and a brother Patriot like Henry every single day that I can.

      If I was in a firefight with Henry,.. I would not leave his side,… why would I do so in a situation that is far less threatening to me like a radio show?

      Answer: I won’t.

      Thank you all the same – JD – US Marines – Loyalty, Honor and Dedication, besides being the hallmarks of US Marines,.. are also the hallmarks of real Patriots,.. real Americans. That is why I am here.

      1. Guess he didn’t know that I have been trying to get you to take over the broadcast……….so that I can have a day off.
        And of course that you are my friend and if you decided you wanted a blog I would help you do it.
        If I were in a firefight you are one man that I would be proud to stand beside.

        1. Let him do it for a week Henry! JD can get the job done, while giving you guys some time off for christ sakes….. Would be a damn good show….

          1. We are working on it. I run my own boards, which means it is a little bit more than coming up and talking. I am showing JD how to set up and run the boards, but between us we are so darn busy it is hard to find the time.
            We still have to run the site, no matter what. Laura is the only one who knows what articles have been posted and I have to stay on top of the comments as the government trolls want on this site in a big way. You guys don’t see what doesn’t make it through.
            This is why the few trolls that do get by have to be some extra sneaky sons of bitches. I’ll bet you those tasked with getting on From the Trenches are in the top pay bracket for their occupation. Seems fitting though, of course those sent after the most intelligent people would have to be more intelligent and get paid more, therefore we intelligent people who are being accosted make more and pay more in taxes so we should get the best our money can buy.
            We are making the most money because we the most intelligent, right?
            Oh yeah, that’s right. We are getting screwed. That is why we are on this site bitching and necessitating the trolls. Kind of like wiping your ass on a hula hoop. It never ends.

  4. Good Job, JD… You should write an article about just this subject, because right now, people are willing to listen and maybe even act to clean house. I know that people who are not even fully awake yet are fed up. It could be a perfect timing for an article and you nailed it with just a few paragraphs…. We want more!!!! hahaha

  5. In 2012 I gave a four-figure campaign donation to Ron Paul. Within a month or two I started feeling the IRS harassment under the guise of a routine employer form allegedly not submitted. If that’s all it was, the matter could have been quickly and easily resolved, but the IRS always managed to find ways to drag it out, up to and including threats of property and bank account seizures.

    This is MUCH bigger than a few non-profits getting hassled. This is everyone who shows any sign of being actively against the Obama/communist agenda being targeted.

    But then, if everyone is getting bent out of shape about the IRS being used as a political suppression tool, what about the FBI? They have been continuously used for this purpose since the agency’s creation. I can’t remember a time when the FBI wasn’t going after one group or another — a few grannies can’t get together over tea and cookies to talk about peace without being infiltrated.

  6. You can’t just put the blame on the Democrats and Obama era. Corruption in the government has been going on for decades. The attitude and indifference of those in government is finally boiling over. It’s really no secret if you have worked in government or been exposed to government long enough to recognize no one is in control. Each agency is operating like independent mafias and both Republican and Democrat have let it go on for decades. Its your elected representatives who have allowed it to get to this point. Government has grown to the point where the cancer is at stage four. The stars have aligned perfectly for even the main stream media to begin to exposing what they have known for decades. Firing a few people will never change things at this point. The government in all agencies will need to be purged and reprogrammed or nothing will change but get even worse. The blame goes to any Democrat and Republican who have been in government for decades and failed to perform any real oversight. Each of these elected representative have known this problem and ignored it for decades now the chickens have come home to roost.

  7. IRS employees can be sued. All citizens should know to protect yourself.
    If a government employee performs an act outside their official duties they are not entitled government representation and no legal basis to reimburse attorneys fees.

    For example: If a federal IRS employee intentionally performed an illegal action outside the scope of their job when singling out 501C Tax Exempt Organizations with code words such as Tea Party. Patriot, etc. those involved can be sued and government cannot help with their legal defense.

    Read Below out of the Federal Code and case law.
    Suits Against Government Officers and Employees:

    At one time, government employees were considered largely immune from
    being sued for actions they took while performing their official
    duties. This is no longer true. For a variety of reasons, it is no
    longer uncommon for a government employee to be sued in his individual
    capacity for something he did (or failed to do) while performing his
    job. For example, the Supreme Court held in 1978 that an executive
    official has only a “qualified immunity” for so-called “constitutional
    torts” (alleged violations of constitutional rights). Butz v. Economou,
    438 U.S. 478 (1978). In any event, regardless of whether the employee
    ultimately wins or loses, he has to defend the suit and therefore will
    need professional legal representation.

    In B-195314, June 23, 1980, an employee of
    the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was sued for improper disclosure of
    confidential information. The employee requested Justice Department
    representation, but not until after she had hired a private attorney to
    file an answer in order to avoid a default judgment. The Justice
    Department agreed to provide representation, but declined to pay the
    private legal fees since the case was not within either of the
    situations permitted under the Justice Department regulations. Since
    the facts could not support a finding that Justice Department
    representation was appropriate but unavailable, IRS appropriations
    could not be used either. The need to take prompt action to avoid a
    default judgment makes no difference since the regulations expressly
    provide for provisional representation on the basis of telephone

    If the actions giving rise to the suit are not within the scope of the
    employee’s official duties, even though related, there is no
    entitlement to government representation and hence no legal basis to
    reimburse attorney’s fees. For example, in 57 Comp. Gen. 444 (1978), a
    Department of Agriculture employee was sued for libel by his supervisor
    because of allegations contained in letters the employee had written to
    various public officials. At the employee’s insistence, Agriculture
    wrote to the Justice Department to request representation. However,
    Agriculture concluded that, while some of the employee’s actions had
    been within the scope of his official duties, others–such as writing
    letters to the President and to a Senator–were not. Before the Justice
    Department reached its decision, the employee retained private counsel
    and was successful in having the suit dismissed. Subsequently, the
    Justice Department determined that the employee would not have been
    eligible for representation since Agriculture had been unwilling to say
    that all of the employee’s actions were within the scope of his
    official duties. On this basis, GAO found no entitlement to government
    representation and disallowed the employee’s claim for reimbursement of
    his legal fees.

    Accardi Doctrine–> Also note: An agency must abide by its own regulations under the accardi doctrine.

    1. If you try to sue an IRS employee, they will be represented by federal government attorneys, who will teach you the lesson that there is nothing that falls outside their official duty.

    2. Nice try, DingDong. But you fail to comprehend that courts and laws don’t exist anymore in the corrupt states of America, making your legal arguments, precedents and codes null and void by the foreign gangster government in office.

      I’d advise you and other naive American nationals to come to grips with that realization real quick or you will find yourself beaten (or maybe even tased) to death by 9 cops, while some idiot bystander stands there with his cellphone recording it all, only to hand it over to them at a later time because he naively thinks he is doing something to protect you and save you by thinking those same cops would go ahead and just submit the evidence to the courts without erasing the footage. Word of the wise, my friends.

      1. @ Henry and NC, bamalamadingdong would think different if he/she ever had any prob. with the courts/so called law and order – if ya know what I mean. Sheeple always seem to think dingdongs way of thinking in one form or another. Of course though he might be troling thinking that way but prob. just a sheeple – benefit of the doubt ya know.

        1. And isn’t the look on theirs faces priceless when they finally realize that they too are civilly dead? The shock. The awe. The disbelief. LOL

          1. Yep LOL, reminds me of when I try to house break a puppy and puppy has a accident and gets caught – they always have that “I didn`t know” look, the difference is is the puppy and the person. Yep Henry they always get that dumb, suprised, innocent look when they find out the hard way. They have been told though ya know.

        2. Hey Henry and Digs, I got a better idea. Why don’t we just go march on to Washington DC with our guns alongside Adam Kokesh and then give them up to the police after they come and arrest us and beat the shit out of us for just holding one. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to win our 2nd Article rights and any other rights in the courts? Yea, that’ll show the government that we really mean business. Yea. (sarcasm)

          1. HaHaHa NC LOL 🙂 . Just think what they would do if we all brought our pressure cookers with rice and baked beans. Heck, I forgot about that pig roast. We would have to at least have that pig roast.

          2. Pressure cookers and cameras snapping pictures could result in a drone attack! 🙂

    3. OMG! You guys are too funny! And Digger you with your pressure cooker!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! I mean really!!!!

  8. imagine the unknown comic with a cardboard box
    on the side of the box it says….TACTICAL NUKE….

    paybacks a bitch….unless you’re a UFC tweeter then its a F**

    no one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    Khazars make Exodus to Khazaria….before it is too late

  9. Response to Shively and others comments towards my post. I agree its not likely to be able to hold anyone in government responsible for anything. Trust me I am fully aware of this out of control government. I found this information posting it for the benefit to know although rarely occurring government people can be held accountable. Of course 90% of attorneys are average and will do very little to research and find case law to help their cases.

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