Is Christopher Dorner Alive?

dornerPolicy Mic – by Tom McKay

Chris Dorner, a rogue ex-LAPD officer on a week-long revenge-fueled rampage against Los Angeles authorities, may finally be dead after being cornered by police in a Big Bear Lake cabin.

Dorner’s burnt-out truck was found on Thursday in the area with two AR-15 rifles inside. No sign of him emerged, leading authorities to believe he may have vacated the area. However, today, a neighbor apparently saw Dorner attempting to hijack a vehicle. As it turned out, Dorner had been holding two females hostage in a house for several days.

A shootout ensued, and Dorner claimed his fourth victim, a responding police officer. Now, chased to an area cabin, the building is burning to the ground after being saturated with tear gas. A single shot was heard, followed by exploding ammunition. It seems likely that if Dorner was inside, he is dead.

According to the son of the owner of the cabin, there is a basement in the building, which may yet allow Dorner to survive. There also remains a slight possibility that Dorner somehow eluded authorities, which would force a resumption of the massive manhunt.

40 thoughts on “Is Christopher Dorner Alive?

  1. Sure…
    He was bin Laden-ed
    Our fugitive guy will show up again in the future to necessitate the use of those unmanned drones.
    Too much opposition prevented their use this time.
    Just wait…

    …and see

  2. “According to the son of the owner of the cabin, there is a basement in the building, which may yet allow Dorner to survive. There also remains a slight possibility that Dorner somehow eluded authorities, which would force a resumption of the massive manhunt.”


    Manhunt Part II: Dorner’s Return, coming soon to a theater near you.

    OMG! Did I not tell you this was like a bad “B” rated movie script. It’s like a horror movie where the guy is not really dead and they leave you hanging and waiting for the sequel.

    It’s like they burned the cabin and said, “Oh yea, no one could have survived that.” and then they walk away. Seconds before the screen goes to black and the movie ends, the bad guy’s hand or part of his body is shown moving somewhere, hinting to the viewers that he is still alive and….cut to the credits.

    Have people really lost track of what is real and what is Hollywood these days? I’m an English graduate and I could have written a better story than this.

      1. NC- I am with you in that they can say anything and it sure doesn’t make it true. “they believe the body to be Dorner’s”…..blah blah. Oh wait- I bet nobody in Dorner’s family will be able to ID him either- for security reasons! haha

        I wonder if they are merely making a headline to deny the fact that one of their own got away. Successfully.

        1. Hey Erin, read my statement from the “Sun Zi: Military Strategist and Author of ‘The Art of War’” article. This just proves my point.

          And yep, no one will be able to ID the body. They will take it away just like the Sandy Hook children rather than having the guy at the county morgue declare that he is dead like they are suppose to do.

    1. What I just saw, they said they found a body, but it was too early to confirm that it is Dorner’s. But just before that they were saying that it was too dangerous for investigators to go in yet.

      SO, WHICH IS IT???

      1. AH!! See! No sworn documents or proof. This all indicates a plot or conspiracy! Read my comment on Sun Tzu’s Art of War article to understand what I mean.

        1. Yea NC and on CBS msm they said that they had foot prints leaving the house/cabin or something like that going to where the horses are. them ATF/SWAT members just murdered another person on a training misson at tax payers expence. Wait and see – I hope I`m not makin` a fool out of myself but that is what I see.

          1. Yeah Ive been sittin back all week not saying a word on this…just watchin and reading the story as it unfolded….All I can say is wow…a “For TV” scripted mini-series drama!!
            Just like a dime-store 10 cent western…the plot and ending was obvious from page one..

            Man they are getting so very desperate to think all of us are as stupid as they to believe this crap….They are a “special kinda stupid”

  3. I wonder who wrote the rant that supposedly came from Dorner? Dorner has not only a temper control problem and he needss to lose some weight. Ego can play hell with your social life, witness our “hero”. Does this creature have a family and what is their take on his lifestyle? Questions, questions…

  4. When was the last time we saw proof of much of anything. Just talk – where’s the walk? Truth and honesty sure affects credibility I see. Sure helps the agenda of conquer and divide the sheeple.

  5. After reading ,be careful what you post ! Today is the first time i’ve seen Oldvet post, mean no disrepect but where did he/she come up with it as this was half the name (oldvet/lawenfocement) i used on CNN site that I no longer use since finding u. I now post but very little (opsec) under CAR (combat action ribbon) so anyway just wondering .

    1. oldvet has been posting under that name for quite some time on FTTWR, and has a high credibility rating here. He is definitely NOT a troll, if that’s what you were insinuating.

  6. Dorner could have actually found out about deep police corruption and rebelled. He may have not wanted to go along with the disarming of America and now they definitely want him dead. In any case these clowns that operate the media have proven to be nothing by lying spin doctors who will say and do anything for a buck. Dorner could have escaped them but they cannot possibly admit that and look like inept fools. If they don’t claim victory (false victory) over Dorner now- maybe they fear other cops might rebel against the destruction of the US Constitution also.

    1. Probably. But I just love how they leave the brand new ID there after finding his body burnt to a crisp and unidentifiable. 9/11 hijackers burning to a crisp and their untouched, unscorched passports anyone?? Same story. Same bullshit. They need a new Hollywood scriptwriter.

      1. NC- I guessed I missed the posting about being careful about how we post or what we say? Can you clue me in please? thanks much

          1. NWO#1- thanks for the link to Henry’s posting. My take is a bit different I guess. I recognize the US is toast- the guv is corrupt – the people are mostly blind & stupid BUT all of this has been written down as a warning in the KJV. No stopping it. Whether we talk, don’t talk, fight, don’t fight – They will try to force humans to take the mark. They will try to make us deny Jesus and serve the beast. My question is- I wonder what “episode” we are in now in 2013? Let’s see….is it time for fema camps or are they just going with standard illegal imprisonment this yr? hmmmmmm – stay tuned. May 1st is one of their most cherished satanic holidays and you can be sure they have something dramatic and evil planned for that day.

          2. Yes, their high Satanic ‘holy’ days begin on Apr. 19th, and culminate on May 1st, or what’s commonly known as May Day. (also a DISTRESS call).

    1. Hey, do you remember the show, “Turkey Television” on Nickelodeon back in the early 80’s? “Sheeple Television” is probably going to be their new show. lol

      1. NC I had to ponder on that for a spell…my CRS and “old-timmers” disease was kickin in LOL!

        +1 on the SHEEPLE TV..mix it with the HUNGER GAMES and all the fat “Lounge Lizards” can go back to sleep while Rome burns.

    1. JD? Wow! I knew JD back when he was posting under a different name, before he even came to FTT. We even talked about that on the phone a while ago.

      1. In these perilous and stressful times one wrongly spoken word can flame emotions to the point we attack and bite each other. That and the fact that the keyboard doesnt always allow for us to speak clearly without misunderstandings.
        on that, as guilty or more so than most.

  7. So they took Dorner out did they? Oh ok- I guess he had some intel on them. I saw that LAPD Police Chief Bratton is an admitted freemason.

    Then I saw a nice big pic in the LA Times re: Dorner’s death, with a cop gesturing “hand to heart”- the sign of loyalty for freemasons. Those brothers have to swear an oath to the death that they will not give up another freemason no matter what he does including rape, pedophilia, murder, anything. That’s just the First Degree. Imagine what they have made oaths to by the 33rd degree. (Christopher Walken can be seen making the same loyalty gesture- gee, and we ask how he was never investigated for Natalie Wood’s death…)

    masonic signs:

    Article – L.A. Police Chief William Bratton: Admitted Freemason
    “There has long been a steadfast and vigilant oppositon to freemasonry and the secrecy that accompanies it. Anyone in a position of power such as that which Bratton holds should be held accountable, and answer as to why he participates secret oaths. How can he hold public trust when he participates in secret oaths which, according to the masons themselves, the punishment is death for betraying their secrets? Just recently, freemasons were arrested by police in Fiji for particpating in occult activity with a human skull. [See Fiji freemasons held for sorcery ]. Ben Franklin, a high level mason, had ten bodies buried under his home, six of them children. This of course is all just a coincidence and they probably just got lost looking for a frisbee or something, I suppose the masonic apologists will argue. [See Remains of ten bodies at Ben Franklin’s home].

    Illustrating Bratton’s arrogance and indicative of the mindset that he is separate and above those he is supposed to serve, the chief once told a caller to a talk-radio show that if the public didn’t like his lack of enforcement of immigration law they can leave the state. ”

  8. Note the real enemy that has been working behind the scenes all along.


    The Bavarian Order of the Illuminati was created on May 1st 1776, also known as Mayday which was already a sacred holiday to the Satanic aspect of pagan religion. It is also a major holiday to most modern communists. The year 1776 also has some note in history. It was the year that the American Declaration Of Independence was created. Is it a coincidence that many of the creators of the Declaration were themselves high degree Masons?

    Satanic Ceremonies: Easter Week-end- Black mass/black sabbath. To mock the death of Jesus Christ, a man is sacrificed on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday, known to satanists as unholy sunday, a woman or man is sacrificed followed by three days of fasting and chanting.
    19 – 25 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.
    25 The Da Muer ritual: Grand climax. Sex rituals and sacrifice of a woman or young girl.
    30 Walpurgis night/Beltane: One of the most important nights on the satanic calendar. Blood rituals and human sacrifice take place.
    24 Ascension day: Rituals to mock the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven.


    Order of the Golden Dawn Hell Fire Club
    Order of The Templars Order of Elect Cohens (Ordo Templi Astarte)
    Order of Baeds,Dyates, Druids Order of the Cubic (Wicca) Stone
    Order of The Silvar Star Order of Rose of Ruby (Masons, Odd Fellows & Cross of Gold Rosecrusions)

    Methods: They work underground and are difficult to catch. They use children to do the recruiting in schools and colleges. In 1993 it was announced in the media that the Church of Satan would begin accepting enrollment from elementary and high schools. There are women in the Church who are called breeders who are used for the purpose of producing children for leadership.

    Rituals: Rituals are on Halloween and walpurgissnacht. They distribute children for these rituals by the thousands each year. These two rituals are the most deadly. Rituals are held at night in dark black rooms with pentagrams about the altar and on the floor. Their rituals consist of chanting, drinking blood from victims to enhance more power for themselves. They practice baptism by immersing in blood or vinegar.

    Teachings: They believe in self indulgence, spiritualism, magic, astrology, satanic doctrine, mind control, vampirism, warlocks, werewolfism, and the extermination of the lower class people. It is to be noted that in southern California the sensational kidnapping of 5 children were grouped in the several days immediately preceding the dates when children of such age groups were required for the specific rituals each Satanic Holiday.

    ***Date Celebrated _ Type _Usage __Age***

    Jan 1-7 Winebald Day Blood Animal or Male Human sacrifice

    Jan 17 Satanic Revels Sexual Oral/Anal Female 7-17yrs

    Feb 2 Candlemas Sexual Oral/Anal 7-17yrs

    Mar 2-3 St. Eichatadt Blood Drinking of Female Blood for 7-18yrs, Strength, Homage to Satan.

    March 20 Feast Day Orgies Homage to Satan

    April 30 Walpurgis Blood Blacksabbath Female Human Sacrifice, Infant

    May 1 Beltanc Blood Human Sac. Infant

    June 21 Major Feast Day, Orgies & Female Blood Human Sacrifice of Infant

    Jul 1 Revel, Blood, sexual Females, any age, association with a Demon, Diana Goddess

    Aug 1 Lammas Sexual Satanic Male or Summer Female, Goddess sacrificed

    Aug 3 Satanic Revels Blood Human or Male or Animal Sacrifice Female

    Sept 7 Marriage to Blood Mid Blacksabbath F-18yrs the Beast, Satan Sexual Sacrifice & Dismemberment

    Sept 20 Midnight Host Blood Dismemberment Female 7-17 Hands Planted yrs

    Sept 22 Feast Day Orgies Fall/Autumn Equinox

    Oct 31 All Hollow’s Blood Feast of thedead M or F Sacrifice Human Child to Adult 7-18yrs

    Dec 22 Winter Solstice Blood Human Sac. M-F Infant

    Dec 24 Demon Revel Da Mar High Grand M or F

    Dec 25 Ancient Sun God, Mithra’s (Lucifer’s) Day In Druidism, Lucifer is represented by a Pine Tree

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