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Israeli Firm Magal Helping to Provide ‘Security” at US Prisons

Don’t we have any American companies that could provide this service?

The following clients have purchased security systems from Magal S3, its associated companies and / or partners. This list represents only a fraction of our installations. Due to the confidential nature of the security requirements of our customers, we cannot publish names and / or site locations.  

• Adrian Temporary Facility, USA
• Augusta Correctional Facility, USA
• Bay State, USA
• Bedford Hill Correctional and Women’s Facility, USA
• Bergan County Jail Annex, USA
• Blythe Correctional Facility, USA
• Bristol Country Jail, USA
• Camden County Correctional, USA
• Carson City Regional, USA
• Chester Correctional Facility, USA
• Chipawa Temporary, USA
• Corrections Camp Program, USA
• Corrections Corporation of America (9), USA
• Dayton Forensic Unit, USA
• Delaware Correctional Facility, USA
• Downstate Correctional Facility, USA
• E.C. Brooks Correctional, USA
• Eldorado, USA
• Ellsworth Correctional, USA
• F. Crane Women’s Facility, USA
• G. Robert Cotton Facility, USA
• Gardner Correctional, USA
• Great Meadows Correctional Facility, USA
• Greenville Correctional, USA
• Hamden County, USA
• Hiawatha Temporary Facility, USA
• Hunt Detection Facility, USA
• Huron Valley Men Facility, USA
• Ionia maximum Facility, USA
• Kenross Correctional, USA
• Lakeland Men’s Correctional, USA
• McDougal Correctional Facility, USA
• Mid-Michigan Temporary, USA
• Minnesota Correctional Facility, USA
• Mount Correctional Facility, USA
• Oklahoma Penitentiary, USA
• Old Colony Correctional Facility, USA
• Riverside Correctional, USA

The number of US Air Force bases and nuclear power plants in the USA getting ‘security’ from just this one Israeli firm is mind-boggling.  Guess we’ll have to re-learn the horrible lessons of 9/11 all over again about what happens when you let an Israeli firm handle ‘security’ at US concerns.

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4 Responses to Israeli Firm Magal Helping to Provide ‘Security” at US Prisons

  1. baregil says:

    Remember that the best kapos in German concentration camps during WWII were Judaics.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Wow. I’ve never even heard of this company until last night, and now two articles on them on the same day.

  3. NC says:

    Same here.

  4. Vic says:

    The Japanese also let an Israel company in charge of security in Fukushima nuclear power station and others. Seems Japan is not technologically advanced enough to do their own security either.

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