Israeli News Announces Ebola Patient in Dallas Has Died

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Thomas Duncan, the first person in the United States who was diagnosed with Ebola, was reported to have died today after succumbing to the virus.

Thomas A. Duncan, who became ill with Ebola after arriving from West Africa in Dallas two weeks ago, succumbed to the virus today (Sunday), reports Reuters. Duncan was fighting for his life at a Dallas hospital on today after his condition worsened to critical, according to the director of the US Centers for Disease Control.

This is according to an Israeli news report. The information has not yet been released or confirmed in the United States at the time of publication.

This comes after a veritable comedy of errors.  First, Duncan came into the country with the illness. Then, he was turned away from the hospital, even though he told them he had come from Liberia.  After that, he went home and exposed numerous people, including children who subsequently attended school. When he returned to the hospital, he vomited on the sidewalk. The vomit was power washed away by workers using no protective gear. He was put in an ambulance and the paramedics were not told he’d been diagnosed with Ebola, as they continued to drive around in the contaminated vehicle for the next two days, hauling patients.  The CDC keeps surreptitiously changing information on their website about transmission of the disease, and they refuse to close the border to travelers who’ve been in the area where Ebola has reached epidemic levels.

Given all of these mistakes, it’s no surprise that they may be reluctant to announce the patient has died.


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33 thoughts on “Israeli News Announces Ebola Patient in Dallas Has Died

    1. So no news outlets in this country can break this news? This report comes out of Israel? Oh, that’s right, All MSM is owned buy Jews.

        1. I agree #1, this whole Ebola gig is fabricated to distract and advance other parts of the Elist’s agenda. I’m with George Carlin when he said, “I don’t believe anything the government tells me.”

          1. I’m really starting to think this is the one, though, Millard. Been seeing a TON of articles the last week or so.

            Back in about an hour. Off to check out a 1st timer top shelf deal. 🙂

  1. Just sent to Drudge report. We’ll see what happens, never did this before. I’d imagine if it doesn’t get posted, it’s a hoax. Hopefully, he’ll post with the link to FTT.

  2. How do we know anyone in that hospital ever died from Ebola? How do we know this patient ever existed? Fabrication!!
    . . .

    1. I searched, too. Nothing.
      The big story in the Dallas/Ft Worth News was about them locating a homeless man who had ridden in the ambulance after Duncan. They are testing him as a “possible” case. That’s it, other than the morning announcement about him being “critical” and a news conference with the CDC (“Everything is under control” blah, blah blah…).

  3. I fully agree with all of the above, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is all one big hoax, BUT…. as #1NWO HATR said (above): “I’m really starting to think this is the one…”

    This IS the one..this is the big one they’re going to use to round up the dissidents, declare martial law, RFID chip the remaining population, and officially announce the end of our republic.

    They’re playing all their cards now because they have no time to waste between the economy collapsing, and too many people waking up to their whole scam. NO one’s falling for their hoaxes anymore, nor the “conspiracy theorist” or “anti-Semite” labels. They have no choice but to move on the population quickly.

      1. My fear is that they attempt forced vaccinations. That is the line that will not be crossed by me and my family. We put up with alot – but we will not be injected with who knows what against our will.

        1. Yes Jim, if it does come down to mandatory vaccinations that’s where I’ll make my stand. There is no way in hell I would let these psychopaths inject me with anything.

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  5. Whoa!
    Who knows WTF is going on?
    The Israeli release seems “desperate” to me.
    I’ll check MSM in the morning.
    If it’s still a ClusterF**k…then I’m concerned…a bit more than normal.
    Right now, it seems to me they’re grasping at straws to keep up the charade.
    I’ll sleep better with that thought.
    If the MSM propaganda seems coordinated and of poor quality, I’ll relax a bit.
    Believable info could change my mind.

  6. First it was “Eric Duncan,” then it was “Thomas Eric Duncan,” and now it’s “Thomas A. Duncan”???

    I don’t believe any of it. It’s certainly not credible how the info was released.


  7. I drove by that Dallas hospital today. NOTHING! It’s a damn hoax! And I ain’t heard anything about this guy Duncan dying today either. Nutinyahoo is gonna have to break out some of his famous looney toons drawings and photos and send them to the Israel news agency if he is going to expect us to believe anything. And even then, we still wouldn’t believe it. We’d just laugh at him.

    As I said before, there are no people with hazmat suits nor extra police or quarantines in Dallas. It’s just another day in the city. Whatever they are reporting in the news, it’s all bullshit. Hell, I haven’t even heard anyone talk about it lately in stores, at work or anywhere else. It’s like one big joke.

  8. The word is….that the hospital wanted to contact Duncans family in Liberia first. Of course Israel spies on everything and probably intercepted the message. Also … I believe that our government and the CDC has instructed the hospitals NOT to make anything Ebola public. Especially people who test positive for the disease. Sighting National Security concerns …probably. Also …this Duncan guy croaking makes the CDC and our government look really bad. Incompetent. The bottom line is the death of this guy cannot be kept silent for long. We will know for sure by the end of the day tomorrow.

  9. This Israeli report is in direct conflict with a report that I got form KFBK radio in Sacramento California just a few minutes again saying they guy was in stable condition.

    What are we not being told? Was there another Ebola patient that died that we weren’t told about? Were the Israelis lying? Who the hell is lying here?

    This is one BIG lesson I teach my children. “When politicians lie people die.” There is NO such thing as a small lie. The most horrible things imaginable have happened to good people based on LIES!!

    This is what we are dealing with here. A news media who lie because they find it easier just to go along with the program, and no one I know believes anything they report anymore. NOTHING!! Only thing they believe is what they see with their own eyes and have first hand knowledge. We are going to find out in the fullness of time just how accurate or false news reports have been. In the mean time preparations for SHTF scenario should for all of us be ongoing without interruption or distraction. We all know what to do. Main thing is to keep our head about us and stay on mission as it were.

  10. Our “Lamestream Media” is still talking like this man is alive. “He’s dead, no, he’s alive, nope, he’s dead, didn’t you get the memo?”

    1. Yeah this whole scenario is nothing but lies. When lies are told the story is likely to change because it is fabricated lies! The “lamestream media” is such a joke.

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