It’s a Miracle! The Economy has Completely Turned Around Overnight…..Again

CNN ran a piece yesterday called, “Hopeful signs for a US Economy”, wherein the assertion was put forth that home prices in July rose 1.6% and that consumer confidence rose by 9 points.

They cannot really expect anyone to believe this, except maybe the five brain dead moronic mental midgets that still get their news from CNN.  I can see them sitting around the tube, protruding foreheads, eyes glassed over, and drool running down their cheeks, as Ali Velshi spilled this crap out, like a used car salesman running a business on the sleazy side of town, where they pull the cars every evening and wash the lot and the bottoms of the cars every morning before they bring them out to try to cover up the leaking oil.

As for the five idiots who would believe this, run right out there and start buying houses.  For the rest of you, I guess these unspeakable bastards think it only takes a week to completely erase our memories as in QE3, the never ending QE, where $40 billion a month is to be printed up to buy more toxic derivatives and US Treasuries are to be traded for $80 million more per month of the toxic derivatives until December.

So what do you think the home prices are going to be this time next year when a trillion dollars more worth of toxic derivatives are dumped on we the people, toxic derivatives made up leveraged mortgages that are going to be foreclosed on?

Anyone who buys into this deserves exactly what they will get and we should be able to quickly identify them as they are the ones walking around with stupid tattooed on their foreheads.  If home prices have increased any it is because $40 billion a month is being pumped into the system devaluing the dollar, hence requiring more dollars to buy the same worthless property today than it did yesterday.

This pathetic puke, Ali Velshi, actually went as far as to suggest that consumer confidence is rising because people believe that job creation is going to start happening….any day now.  I am personally insulted.  If somebody said this to me on the street, I would either burst out laughing or slap them right across the face.

How long do they think they can keep telling the same lies over and over and over before people start throwing their TVs out the window in disgust?

Well I have to go puke now.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Miracle! The Economy has Completely Turned Around Overnight…..Again

  1. The whole game is a super dis informational con, paper money is a total scam, it is not honest, it is only a piece of paper debt and not backed by wealth, likewise on the economy the bureau of lying statistics spews out dis information to cause you harm. The herds ears are twitching as they sense that all is not well in their pretend lives. Pretending that the non productive ruling them are honest, trusting in their paper debt as though it was real, paying their usury, trusting the BLS.

    Over the entrance to the Temple of Delphi, the seat of the oracle of all knowledge is carved in screaming bold letters “KNOW THY SELF”. No need to go into the temple for further advice. Be your own self. Know for your self the difference between honest and dishonest, between what is real wealth and what is pretend.

    Then you are a wise person and can successfully lead your own life and teach others.

  2. Ya and i just found out i had a rich uncle that i’ve never met and he left me his multi billion fortune with no taxes on it and it was all in gold in his safe under his bed.Some people will believe whatever is shoveled into their face.

  3. I’m sure Velshi also believes in the easter bunny , santa claus , the tooth fairy , and B.C. when he said ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman “.

  4. Hey look! “There’s a sale at JCPenny’s!!” Says the nerdy guy in the comedy movie, “Airplane” after everyone is reading the panic articles in the newspaper. Unfortunately, there’s always that one pathetic sheeple out there.

  5. The same propaganda about “recovery” was hurled at us all during the 1930s…right up until WWII. “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”–Mark Twain

  6. “How long do they think they can keep telling the same lies over and over and over before people start throwing their TVs out the window in disgust?”

    Throw their beloved idiot boxes out the window?

    Surely you jest, Henry.

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