It’s Always Darkest Just Before It Gets Pitch Black

New jobless claims for the week came in at 365,000, which is an incorrect number, as it will be revised up next week.  Not so amazingly, the mainstream propagandists touted the number as a positive, saying anything under 375,000 shows growth.  The mainstream seems to think we the people have the memory span of a head of lettuce.  Two years ago, during one of our many “recoveries” it was stated emphatically that anything above 350,000 was a marked decline.  I guess this number got revised up too.

The reporting on the unemployment has become a running joke.  FOX Business’ Charles Payne said yesterday that the number being reported was erroneous and that no one believed it, as the mainstream news has lost all credibility in reporting these numbers as they are constantly revised.

And we do remember last August when the number for new jobs created came in at zero, which completely dispelled all the lies of a recovery.  Three months later in November the August number was revised up from zero to 50,000.  The manipulation of these numbers is now blatant.

In a later broadcast, Charles Payne said the unemployment rate would probably remain the same at 8.2% following July’s jobs report.  He then said the real unemployment rate is 14.6% if you count all the people who are unemployed.

The fact is the 14.6% rate is erroneous.  It has been reported in the mainstream that 100 million Americans are either unemployed or under employed.  That is more than a third of our working population.  The exact numbers for the workforce are impossible to ascertain because so many illegals are working American jobs.  However, conservatively, the unemployment rate has to be above 30%.

If the false unemployment rate does not change today, consider this.  Last month, ten more weeks were removed from the federal unemployment extensions, meaning that the max unemployment benefits for the month of July are now being depleted at 70 weeks.  So how many hundreds of thousands more were dropped from the unemployment rolls in July and are no longer being counted as they have been automatically re-categorized as no longer looking for work and not a part of the work force?

This depression, not only has not gotten better, but is progressively getting worse.  In the month of August the maximum weeks a person can draw unemployment will drop to 60 weeks and hundreds of thousands more will not be counted.

A couple of more months and the weather will be cooling off, heading into winter.  With the so called drought, food prices will be soaring.  Once again I say it.  This thing is coming to a head and nothing being presented by the status quo can stop the inevitability of a complete crash, most probably followed by famine.

Unless something spectacular occurs in Tampa on the 20th, I believe the Revolution will go hot as we can safely say the talking part’s over.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “It’s Always Darkest Just Before It Gets Pitch Black

  1. Lies, more lies, everything statistical is a lie when it is the work of the thieving scumbags that are Wall Street and their paid faggots on Capitol Hill. The entire economy is being misreported to enable their rape and pillage continue.

    Poverty and socialism help the rich as they can then buy our assets, our foreclosed homes and productive business at massively discounted prices and at the same time provide their private controlled counterfeit dollar currency to fund the socialism programs and in turn pay themselves their due usury.

    BLS is the Bureau of Lying Statistics.

    The nazi corporate propaganda presstitutes are there to help dull and control our anger the BBC is Big Brother Corporation, CNN, NBC etc.

    Everything is now CONTROLLED by big brother, even the Tampa convention will be micro managed.

  2. When I heard the news media dancing at the numbers I spit my coffee from my mouth. Holy crap are you kidding me that 8.3% even though they are false numbers is good news?

    How the heck do they know how many ppl are re-entering the work force?

    I don’t see the public taking up pitch forks anytime soon. Gas here in WI is climbing already to 4.00 a gallon. Few weeks back it was 3.35 a gallon.

    1. Good to hear someone from Wi. The cheapest gas I found in the Eau Claire area was 3.57 a week or so ago and now it is going to go as much as 35c a gal. or more in the next day they were saying on tuesday and that is just a start they are saying. I bought gas last night and payed 3.74 a gal. for the cheapest gas. I heard 5.00 or more a gal is not to be unexpected. people will not be able to afford to go to work as if it hasn`t been hard enough to already. much less if people have no finances or income.

  3. “Unless something spectacular occurs in Tampa on the 20th, I believe the Revolution will go hot as we can safely say the talking part’s over.”

    For the most part, I agree with you. But they will probably drag it out, using the MSM BS, until the official general election in November just to make more excuses in order to control the masses as much as they can. It all comes down to how much the people can take. I do believe that the election in November will officially be the last straw for the people, if not earlier, which is why they are preparing for martial law and getting their forces completely ready by October at the latest. Between now and then, it will only get worse and more tight with the restrictions. This country and world are headed for a disaster that will probably make WWII look like a walk in the park, but only time will tell. We must be prepared for anything.

    1. Hi NC,


      I will repost my observations about the ability of American to actually guage their current circumstances, but in the interim,.. allow me to suggest what a legitimate effort to Restoring The Republic might contain:

      It is time for us Patriots to hold a convention,.. a Constitutional Convention.

      Not to draft one, as we already have a copy a perfectly good one, but hold a convention on, “How To” – Restore A Constitution!

      Look at what our Founding Fathers did:

      They were not happy with what Engalnd was doing,.. but we did not immediatly abolish it as our governing body.

      Instead,.. they recognized the unworkable solution of trying to repair the existing system, and decided to replace it!

      They held meetings, mostly secret, built a parallel govt structure, based on the principles that would later become mirrored in the US Constitution, and drafted a formal letter letter of seperation,.. THe US Declaration Of Independence.

      I suggest to you, and ALL Patriots, that it is time for us to formly organize a Constitutional Convention.

      To itemize and list the intolarable actions and treason this gov’t has committed itself to on a daily basis.

      To draft the strategy on how to Re-Instutute the US Constitution as our basis of government.

      To draft a Declartion -Of-Abolishment of the Fed Gov’t.

      And to draft the proposal on how to hold those responsible for the destruction of this country,.. responsible.

      This is what the first real steps to restoration look like.

      Your thoughts,.. please.

      JD – US Marines – We do not need Revolution,.. just a Restitution of our founding principles, the US Constitution.

      Note: For those anxious for a fight,.. the moment there is any attempt to actually dissolve our treacherous and treasonous gov’t,.. don’t worry,.. you will have your fight,.. treachorous, Treasonous and Pyschotic leaders never leave willingly,.. or peacefully.

      Repost of comment from, “Abondoned Motor City Turning Into A Dump – Literally”

      US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:
      August 3, 2012 at 9:09 am

      My Fellow Americans,

      Based on the above comments, it seems to me that people in general still have not come to full grips with what has occured:


      Our country has intentionally been decimated.

      Only now is the destructive consequences of this deliberate evisceration becoming plain to see and incontrovertable.

      No country can survive as a consumer based society,.. and America has been reduced to sniveling, groveling , can’t make a damn thing of its own supplicant state.

      Much of this destruction was intitated by The Federal Reserve Act in 1913,.. however,… many wealthy individuals and Bansters, collectively know as the NWO had a head start before the creation of The Fed,.. by many decades.

      Ron Paul is not the answer or our saviour. He embodies many of the qualities we would like to believe can rejuvenate this country, but that is a tremendous error in judgement.

      Even if Ron Paul was elected, ignoring the impossiblilty of such an event given the blantant corruption of our “election” system,… the moment Old Ron decided to NOT follow his marching orders from the Shadow Gov’t figures,.. he would end up dead,.. either a sudden heart attack,.. an unknown would be assassin,… plane crash,.. take your pick.

      Even if Ron Paul were elected,… he could NOT possibly rebuild the Industrial Base that made America a powerhouse in a mere 4 year term. It took decades to build us, it took decades to destroy us. It is sometihng that can not be done overnight,.. or over the course of even a single decade.

      There is only one viable solution in the end,… but like any pilot who’s plane is about to crash and “thinks” he can “save it”,… until its to late to bail out and he hits the ground,.. many Americans do not comprehend our intractable position at the moment,.. and are in the pilots seat thinking this aircraft called the USA can be righted before hittiing the ground,… it can NOT. The intentional damage is that extensive, that severe,.. and that destructive to our ability to alter the near future outcome.

      IF, We The People, wish to save this country,.. . then the discourse NEEDS to move from talk of current discontents, and need to address the realities of what our immenient and mathematically certain furture is,… after that reality has set in,… then we can intiate the dialogue and what our only real options are,… which are few and simple indeed,…

      WE The People,… of the United States,…in Order to form a more perfect Union,…establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,… provide for the common defence,.. promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, NEED to RE-ESTABLISH the Constitution for the United States of America.

      This can ONLY be done by first eliminating the wholly rotted and cancerous malignancy which has invaded the body of this Republic,.. and has destoyed her,… the Tumor-Of-Tyranny that has spread across this land must be exorcised from existence or we shall follow the same pathway into oblivion and horror that all previous society’s, culture’s and Nation-States have suffered when there self-determined gov’t,.. became their enslavers.

      It is time to Abolish our tresonous US Federal Gov’t and ALL it criminal agencies to the last.

      Arrests and trials MUST then ensue for any/all government officials and especially ANYONE potentially linked as a Shadow Gov’t figure.

      For those found guilty,.. there can be no compromise:

      – They must be publicy hung,.. and left to rot off the rope.

      – All their wealth seized.

      – Washingtod DC MUST be abandoned and left to decay as a reminder to ALL furure generations to NEVER let our government become despotic again.

      – Erect horrendous looking statues all around our former capital of the treators,.. in a hunched over, contorted manner, forever declaring their name and legacy as purveyors of treachery, and evil.

      Yes,.. I know this sounds unworkable,… but that does not change the fact,.. this is what the basis of any legitimate solution looks like,.. sans details and explanations,.. but allow me to start the process here and now:

      STEP 1:

      Time to acknowledge there is NO legal, political or technical solution to save this country under current, or even near current conditions.

      This country has been destoryed DELIBERATELY,.. and it has been done SUCCESSFULLY.

      We, America, are simply in the final stages of our death throws, living only off our former legacy of greatness, our ruthless global conquests, and our ability to force other countries to prop up our worhtless currency.

      Our only real exports can NOT support a country, which are:

      – Death – In the form of our military escapades. Nearly ONE THOUSAND Military bases in over 130 countries,.. and growing.

      – Debt – In the form of US Treasuries (IOU’s), that export our inflation, and is the bases of global currency manipulations.

      – Garbage – In the form of one of our biggest exports to China,.. our trash.

      First determine what is really occurring,.. acknowlegdge our legitimate options, however few they maybe,.. then make a disicion about what future you want,.. and what are you willing to do to obtain it.

      JD – US Marines – Telling Americans,.. the country we all grew up in,.. IS GONE,.. and will not be coming back in our lifetimes,.. if ever.

      1. “It is time for us Patriots to hold a convention,.. a Constitutional Convention.

        Not to draft one, as we already have a copy a perfectly good one, but hold a convention on, “How To” – Restore A Constitution!”

        I agree with you on that, but the problem is how are you going to do it so that Janet Napolitano and her DHS goons are not spying on your ass and calling you an anarchist or a terrorist by doing so? Especially since they have cameras and satellite footage and communications galore EVERYWHERE! Something they didn’t have back in 1776. I think that is one of the real problems why this hasn’t happened already. What do you think, JD? And how would we go about getting around it?

        1. Hi NC,

          And now we address the crux of the matter,…

          How do you confront, or at least adress the matter of a criminal and despotic government,.. and stay alive!!

          YES,… Yes,.. yes NC,.. you are absolutely correct,.. as this becomes concern number 1 to address, which is:

          The US Federal Gov’t is now officially, “Murder Inc.”,… bar none. So, do we avoid becoming their next,..”client”.

          Note: Keeping in mind this is a monitored site,.. and I am already a level-II surveillance subject…

          Answer: Think of this is military terms,… you have opposing forces,.. that are seeking to eliminate the other.

          We must move as much as possible within the existing permissible framework to minimize giving them any excuse to retire us early from life,… and in all matters,… apply my good friend Sun Tzu’s principles.

          Note: There is a more complete and sensible answer, however, explaining it here would in fact be one of the first violations of Sun Tzu.

          Lets us say for the time being,.. that holding a convention on the Restoration Of The Constitution is not in violation of any laws and is still protected under the 1st Amendment.

          Will we draw attention of the FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA and a hundred other corrupt and treasonous agencies?,…. Absolutely.

          They will also use one of their favorite attack poodles to scorn and ridicule us like Bill O’Rielly,.. one of the most treasonous pieces of filth ever to soil airwaves with his presence,.. BUT,…

          Once again,.. my friend, Sun Tzu gives us the answer:

          Turn their greatest strength into their greatest weakness.

          I will not explain how that is done here for the obvious reason.

          Remember NC,.. the traitors in our gov’t,.. and outside our government are pyschotic, despotic, self-important, corrupted in mind, body and spirit,.. but NOT necassarily very smart.

          In fact,.. they tend to not be very bright at all with a few exceptions.

          When you can anticipate their actions,.. you can use those actions to your advantage,.. always.

          and so,.. and so on.

          I the end, it will not be easy,.. but it is entirely fessible with minimal risk to ourselves,.. until we approach the end game,.. then the risk grows exponentially, very quickly.

          My apologies for lack of a more complete answer,.. but you get the idea I think.

          Hope that helped,.. a little.

          JD – US Marines – Calling for a Constitutional Convention.

  4. Henry,thank you for the good articals you write.I used to be at BIN but they have so much trash on there i left.One of your articals was posted there and i liked it so much i came here and have been here sence.Truth is hard to find anymore and i’ve found it here.Great work.

  5. REDHORSE: Congratulations, buddy! I remember seeing many of your comments when I used to post on BIN. I also finally gave them up completely, as I got tired of arguing with the morons and trolls there. That, and the fact they seem to have gotten into the A.J. brand of fearmongering I can’t stand. I now post exclusively on this site, as they only print the truth here.
    I do sometimes go to BIN, but just to see if there are any articles worth posting here, which occasionally there are, and Henry has been kind enough to print every one I’ve requested from there.
    One thing I can say without reservation, every single regular poster on this site is a true patriot. One of the lines from my favorite John Carpenter movie “They Live” is when the guy asks Roddy Piper “You comin’?” and Roddy replies ” I don’t join up with anybody till I see where they’re going”.
    Welcome aboard!

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