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Deception is Not True Consent

March 9, 2021

A contemplative look back at events worldwide during the past 12 months, chronicling humanity’s nosedive into compliance with tyrannical policies.
remember everyone, all are judging themselves to ignore the Fact of the Corona hoax – The decision is yours but remember I have all accountable violating my evidence I hold as shown on the site – so view the below that shows you there is no rule of law on Earth so how long do you think this will be allowed to continue? – No good mocking me, it’s your own existence now at stake.

and view video: (Illegal Patents) – CDC Holds 100% of all Patents of Corona Virus, its Detection and Kits to Detect the Virus. – The evidence shows We have – The CDC’s ILLEGAL PATENTS for W.H.O. to declare a medical emergency for the Corona virus hoax to implement a world wide lock down for the evil purpose to change human DNA with the Gene Code Injection violating laws of creation of 3rd dimension, Humanity’s Freewill and Consent and violating the Rule of Law, Human Rights and The Nuremberg Code:

– !

and, view the video: The Gene Code Injection – An Experiment on humanity?!

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