16 thoughts on “James Woods, Heretic: Commits Career Suicide

  1. James Woods = True Patriot, Honorable, Noble … and one of my favorite actors. I’m so proud of him!!
    . . .

    1. Great guy, Great actor and a true patriot. I agree Cathleen. The guy has a set. F@#k Hollywood. Let Charlie Sheen have it.

  2. James Woods ……..
    A patriot in a crowd of repulsive “so-called” actors.
    Unfortunately, one could count on two hands the
    amount of Patriots in holly weird.

  3. James Wood… way to go brother!!! You need to call up Eddie Vedder and teach him about being an American and how if this becomes a Commie Capital he would never have had a chance to have millions of dollars. When it crashes he will lose it all anyway. James Wood, you have been added to the Good Folk List,,,, Adda-boy!

  4. if james read my thought dreams..he is so right in what he states. This cretin in the white house has got too go..as also our useless house of reptiles and the senile senate..they were supposed to working for us..what a charade they all are in the end of daze.

  5. There is a movie you can watch for free on youtube called “Cop” starring James Woods. It’s an older B movie from the eighties but it has a fanfrickintastic ending.
    Kudos to Mr. Woods for standing up for what he believes instead of bowing down to the FedGov.

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