One thought on “Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente – Under Attack From All Sides!

  1. I like Gerald Celente, but he is ABSOLUTELY WRONG about there being no Illuminati and he is also absolutely naive on the fact that the people just need to stand up and take control and the elite will just simply run away. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!! The Illuminati IS real and the elite WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY ARE DEAD OR UNTIL THEY ACCOMPLISH ALL THAT THEY WANT TO ACCOMPLISH which is WORLD DOMINATION.

    This conflict will definitely NOT be won unless there is a war or a fight. It will not be won by sitting at table and negotiating which psychopath and sociopath gets fired and replaced by another psychopath and sociopath. It will be won when WE THE PEOPLE take it back by force and drive all of the elite into the sea and that is the ONLY WAY it will be won! Non-negotiable, no compromise, winner takes all scenario!

    So Gerald Celente, YOU are wrong on this one my friend!

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