2 thoughts on “Jerry Keller – Here Comes Summer

  1. I kind of remember this one I do 😉 earliy 60`s ya know.
    Geeze I hope it isn`t going to be one of those neuclear summers because that would really suck rbeason. I am looking forward to sumer though all the same 😉 .
    Yea this song did make me think of the old days for sure. No drive in movies though for me but we sure did have some honest fun. I really wish we all could go back – I would never change a thing – well maybe a few things maybe like my friends that turned me in for things I didn`t do ya know, but geeze rbeason geeze man, what can I say 😉

    1. diggerdan….have always liked you, cause I think within you is a person with a heart of gold……….and bad times or not, that heart of gold has to shine……….it belongs to you and is you….bless you, my friend…and nothing to do with this post of yours….
      I wish you the best….

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