6 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Fire

  1. Actually this was pretty shitty recording, you could tell either he was high or coming down, great song, but I’ve heard him play this song one hell of a lot better than this.

    Here is a great recording of the same song, no heroin here, just jimmy. Play this tune through a great sound system, you can appreciate this awesome talent, speakers through a smart phone sounds like shit, obviously.


    During this short time it’s said he was the greatest guitarist in the world.

    1. And he WAS the greatest guitarist EVER! (But you’re right…the recording does suck)

      Had a chance to see him and the others at the 1970 Isle of Wight Rock Festival when I spent the summer in England with a friend and others (attedning lectures as Sussex U near Brighton), but he was playing as the closing act on Sunday night-Monday morning, and we had to get out of England by Tuesday…has we stayed we never would have gotten off the island in time. Did get to see the Who, Moody Blues, ELP, Traffic, and others.

      1. wow… I was 8 years old in 1970. I saw The Who at the Garden, but Kenny Jones was the drummer. I’m sorry I never got to see Keith Moon.

  2. Now stop acting so crazy. This was the ” new sound ” back then and it mesmerized and captivated all audiences. Try his song Third Stone From The Sun on 78 rpms. JIMI WAS SO ” OUT THERE ” Even the album cover to Electric Lady land was controversial U.K. vs. American releases and the opening song ( studio version ) audio mixing like a space ship rising and descending..left and right speakers.Very groovey if that term is now out of style..ie. 1983 lyrics. I don’t think he would take a knee before The National Anthem. He had an understanding of America and it’s freedoms.

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