Jimmy Hoffa Jr. Offers Obama an Army to Conquer the US

Jimmy Hoffa Jr., head of the Teamsters, is calling the Tea Partiers “sons of bitches” and saying the unions need to unite to “take them out”.  Well the propagandists have tried everything to date in attempting to divide we the people, now it seems they intend to divide us against one another as workers.  You have to understand who Hoffa and the heads of the unions actually are.  These are the socialists who want everyone working for the government for varying amounts of welfare.

When Mr. Hoffa made his statement he made it to President Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, telling the Rat that the unions are his army and that they were ready to take on his foes.  I will make something clear.  I have spoken out against the union busting in reference to how it is affecting the workers and their pensions.  But the unions at the top are the corporate elite and in truth care more about the power they wield than the workers they are supposed to serve.  Kind of sounds like our corporate government, does it not?

I’ve got a message for you, Hoffa.  If you think your army is going to force socialism on the rest of America, well just step up and give her a go.  We’ll see how fast 40 million militia can kick your communist asses out of this country.

There has been a concerted effort to label the Tea Party as the neo-cons.  They are not.  The true Tea Partiers are ardent patriots who believe in the Republic and the Constitution.  I heard one dirt bag propagandist saying the Tea Party wants the Constitution back to the state of its inception and enforced verbatim to that era, complete with no voting rights for woman and an unequal status for minorities.

We will have the Constitution enforced verbatim, and had it been since its inception, there would have been no inequality of any kind and no need of laws upon top of laws, which finally forced its enforcement to its true meaning, paving the way for more laws upon laws, which have been used to completely turn the meaning of the Constitution around from a device used by the people to control the government to a device abused by the corporate government to oppress and control the people.

You scum bag propagandists might as well get it through your heads right now you are not going to turn us against one another.  And as for you soviet communists working in the shadows with Mr. Hoffa attempting to cause disruption among our ranks, be advised.  We will stop you in your tracks and then we will throw your sorry asses on a deportation barge bound for Somalia.

There is talk of the Postal Service shutting down.  Why?  Because the international corporate mafia wants to steal the postal workers’ goddamn pensions, that’s why.  Now our brothers and sisters working for the Postal Service, who are being lined up as the next victims, do not fall into the same category as Hoffa’s communists.  They are our fellow citizens who are about to have their homes, cars, and retirements stolen from them by the same people that stole ours.   And we will support them as individuals, apart from their union, which I promise you is working hand in hand with the gangsters who are about to cut their throats.

We have to remember the international corporate mafia is united.  The diversity they put forth for our consumption is designed to trick us into killing each other for them.  A few communist agitators in the unions and a few national socialist neo-con agitators in the so called business community, and the next thing you know, we are killing each other so they can acquire more wealth.  And in the end they will cut up the booty amongst themselves.

We can’t fall for it.  We take our Republic back and put it under the absolute rule of our Constitution and then we start sorting.  And when we get done sorting, we start deporting.  There is no room in the land of the free and the home of the brave for the communists and neo-cons who want us as slaves.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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