Joe Biden’s Sister Says Meghan Markle Would ‘Of Course’ Make a ‘Good Potential POTUS Candidate’


The Duchess of Sussex, who once reportedly opened up on her ambitions in 2015 and is cited as telling British TV host Piers Morgan that as a kid she “wanted to be either the president or a news broadcaster like you”, was also warmly invited by President Joe Biden’s sister to “come in and join the Democratic Party”.

The sister of incumbent US President Joe Biden has not ruled out that Meghan Markle could one day end up becoming POTUS.
Valerie Biden Owens, appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on 10 May, also backed more women going into politics.

When asked by the GMB host if Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, would “make a good potential candidate one day maybe for president”, Biden Owens, 76, replied:

“Yes, of course, she will… It’s wonderful to have women in politics. The more women we have the better our democratic system will work. We welcome her to come in and join the Democratic Party”.

Joe Biden’s sister, who serves as his political adviser, underscored that women like Meghan Markle, who starred as Rachel Zane in the American legal drama television series Suits, would bring “a better point of view, a different point of view”.

After the clip was shared on air, Richard Madeley, the ITV breakfast show co-host, quipped that he “would put money on” the idea of Meghan Markle running for president in the US.

He also asked ITV News royal editor Chris Ship to weigh in on the matter, with the correspondent saying:

“I have always thought that at some point Meghan would possibly go down the political route. It was always a question for me of when she would do that. 2024, 2028, feels a bit too soon, but at some point in the future”.

Back in 2015, Meghan Markle purportedly told outspoken UK television host Piers Morgan, “As a kid, I wanted to be either the president or a news broadcaster like you”.
After the Daily Mail reported in 2018 that the former actress had shared with an “associate” her hopes of running for POTUS shortly after her engagement to Prince Harry, a Kensington Palace spokesperson shut down the rumours.

“The conversation you describe with an associate is fictitious”, the palace representative was cited as saying.

5 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Sister Says Meghan Markle Would ‘Of Course’ Make a ‘Good Potential POTUS Candidate’

    1. You got that right!! I remember Henry mentioned this a few years ago.

      Ha!! Royalty is even a bigger hoax than ‘covid.’ Amazing how they got away with it all these centuries. But the serfs are bustin’ free. The age of monarchies is going down.

      On a side note… They’re reporting that Harry wants to bring down the monarchy. What then? Will he be a man in a suit disguised as an ordinary obscenely wealthy person? Same thing, right?

      You know who said it: The Bill of Rights makes us all Kings and Queens.

  1. Meghan Markle as POTUS?

    Rigggghhhttt……. Why don’t they just put Paris Hilton as president and just get it over with?

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