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The New Boston Tea Party

We finally find out that two Arizonans, one belonging to the Republican Party and the other to the Democratic Party  are kissin’ cousins. We suspected it, but now it has been confirmed. McCain served up the evidence today. And we knew that Napolitano was pro illegal alien and anti 2A all along; Democrats refer to them as undocumented. Today’s vote confirmed McCain as anti 2A.

Calling one “undocumented” is another way obfuscating the crime they committed. It is similar to describing a murderer as someone who had a minor transgression.  By the way Napolitano was the previous governor of Arizona. The current governor is Jan Brewer. Napolitano and McCain are two Arizonans who unfortunately spent too much time in the hot Arizona sun. Red blooded Americans have to ramp up the heat on McCain, hopefully we will see him defeated in the next election.  

To those who have seen Napolitano in action, the following is no surprise. In April 2009 Napolitano, trying to defend her plans to thicken U.S.-Canadian border security, claimed incorrectly that September 11 attack perpetrators entered the United States from Canada. Her comments provoked an angry response from the Canadian ambassador, media, and public. Time and time again, Napolitano has fallen on her own sword. By appointing her the Director of Homeland Security (DHS) shows the contempt Obama and his cohorts have of the American people.

And a word to Napolitano, you want “homeland security Ms. NapolitanoGive every unemployed American a gun, they will come to Arizona and man the borders; sorry to say that’s something you will never be capable of. And by the way, how many more criminals got a ‘get out of jail free’ card today? Because of your lack of job performance, America’s sheriff Joe Arpaio has job security; he thanks you for that.

Back to McCain, we are still bewildered on how this incompetent ever won the Republican nomination in 2008 to run for President. Today’s vote confirms that he has lost it or better yet, he never had it in the first place. With that being said, Senator McCain is an outright embarrassment to the Republican party, the State of Arizona and the United States. Even Arizona rattle snakes steer clear of him.Arizona Black Rattlesnake (Crotalus cerberus) Arizona

McCain really out did himself today when he sided with the Democrats once again. In the end, the Senate bill to require stiffer background checks for the purchase of guns was shot downThere is a law already on the books requiring background checks and a law which prevents the Federal Government from keeping a registry of gun purchases. None of this stopped McCain.

President Obama was shooting mad too, in fact he was sweating bullets.  “All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington,” Obama said, accusing the gun lobby of lying about the bill.” It was reported that smoke was coming out Obama’s nostrils shortly after the vote was in. The irony here is that Obama has targeted the gun lobby for lying. “We will have it on c-Span.”  Please spear the manure Mr. President.  The vote was 54-46, with supporters falling six votes short of the required 60-vote threshold.  In reality the day was pretty shameful for the President who found it necessary to usher up prompts from the Sandy Hook massacre. His message was, vote for the bill; if you don’t, he is implying that you don’t care about the Sandy Hook children and their families. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Harry Reid, shot off his mouth too, when he said that the Republican Party is getting more extreme. We have two words for you Harry, “SHUT UP.” We bet others have one additional world to add. Four Republican traitors also voted for the bill, they deserve to be outed, arrested for treason and shipped to GITMO.  Beside McCain they are Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.—janet-napolitano—president-obama—harry-reid.aspx

2 thoughts on “John McCain – Janet Napolitano – President Obama – Harry Reid

  1. the three of these traitors are the poster children of how corrupted our electoral process has become. Any body who doubts this should just use Reid in 2010 or prop 37 2012 CA as an indicator. They can not be taken out through the ballot box, but they may be taken down as traitors who work for a foriegn corporation who has legally inhabited the District of Criminals. But is their an honest judge left since they took out John Roll ?

  2. Wow! Janet Ogre Napolitano was governor of Arizona? I didn’t know that. I thought she just appeared out of nowhere and became in charge of DHS. You mean to tell me that Arizona elected Napolitano as governor and McCain as Senator and they even have Harry Reid?

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ARIZONA??? They don’t like getting beat up with just one. They had to hire two more thugs to help do the job of screwing WE THE PEOPLE? Where do they get these guys? These are the best people that the state can come up with? I mean I know it’s hot there and there is a lot of desert and the heat gets to people, but come on…..throw some water over these people’s faces and give them a clue. WAKE THE HELL UP, ARIZONA!!!

    And I thought Texas was bad with Bush and Perry. Man. We have to really put a stop to this horseshit and political corruption.

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