4 thoughts on “John Stockwell–CIA

  1. If that is the case then it maybe the only government agency that can actually do its’ damn job and knows what it is doing. But once again, follow the money

  2. Another former CIA agent turned whistleblower is Kevin Shipp. There are very informative youtube videos out there with his name in the title.I don’t know how to put links in the comments. After the assasination “attempt” on Jimmy Carter in May 1979 by Raymond Lee Harvey & Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz…Carter was quoted as saying he had lost control of the country.

  3. Peter, go to the address bar on the site you want to link, then right click on the link, then click “select all”, then right click again and click “copy.”
    Now go down to the comment section where you want to comment , and right click and click “paste.”

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