John Stossel and Psychological Warfare

John Stossel has become the lead spokesperson for the corporate elite and their propaganda program, designed to portray the American poor as “well off”.  Stossel has a degree in psychology and his demeanor reflects his arrogance.  He thinks that by using a few third dimensional applications of basic psychology he can manipulate millions.

Stossel freely admits that he himself has received government handouts as a wealthy celebrity in an attempt to gain trust among those in the middle class.  He then goes out into the public and finds a few examples of generational dependents on welfare and thus labels all of the poor as manipulators of the system.

I will tell you where you will not find John Stossel, and that is at one of the thousands of tent cities across our nation wherein the victims of the international corporate theft of our wealth reside.  Stossel says “all poor have become richer over the past twenty years.”  This is a ludicrous statement as cost of living increases for entitlements have been frozen for the past five years and the dollar has been devalued by 50%.

I do not care for any form of socialism, but the fact is the poor have never been poorer.

He says poor people have cell phones, refrigerators, and air conditioners.  As previously mentioned, a few probably do, but to label 100 million people using a few select individuals in no way can be considered an honest evaluation.

Stossel is a propagandist and has been slipped into the equation as a spoonful of sugar with a drop of poison in it.  He began by attempting to gain credibility with we, who are a part of this patriotic revolution, by making a thousand dollar bet with Bill O’Reilly that Ron Paul would win at least one state, of course all the time indicating out of the other side of his mouth that Dr. Paul could not win the GOP ticket.

Think about it like this.  As a true believer in the Ron Paul Revolution who has access and exposure to the degree that Stossel has, what would you be telling our people today?  As Ron Paul has won more than one state wouldn’t you be calling O’Reilly out on that bet?

John Stossel is a Zionist elitist.  He is being sent out among the middle class as a relief valve to project the image that, though the corporate elite are becoming more and more grotesquely wealthy, well the poor are doing okay and are not really being hurt by the theft.  This propagandist puke wants us to look past the tens of millions of Americans who lost their jobs, then their retirements, and then their homes after working and paying into the system for thirty or forty years.  He wants us to believe that, although misfortune has fallen upon them, they are not suffering and are being well taken care of.

John Stossel, this psychologist pimp, wants us to forget the thousands who have taken their own lives as a result of the deprivations he and his elitist brethren and sisteren have caused.  He wants us to ignore the formerly middle class in Las Vegas, Nevada living in storm drains as he and his fat ass elitist Zionist cohorts sip champaign and eat caviar while enjoying their lives, safe within the confines of their beach homes, which of course are not their only homes.

Keep it up, John Stossel and you will see what happens to treasonous little bastards like you when poor people form into mobs, bent on revenge.  Of course at the first sign of trouble I’m sure John Stossel will disappear to Israel where his loyalties lie, but this will not save him from the retribution he has coming.

The people of the United States have gone past uniting and are now training for guerilla warfare. We will take our Republic back and restore it under our Constitution and every one of these petty piss ant propagandists are going to face the consequences for their actions.  They are traitors of the highest degree and have not only turned against we the people for insurgents within, but also have sworn loyalty to invaders from without.

Listen up John.  I know your masters tell you that they have us on a list and are going to deal with us.  I tell you we are going to destroy your masters and then we are going to get out our own list, and rest assured, your name will be at the top of the propagandists.  There are a lot of poor people who have nothing left except their memories and their determination that those who have caused their misery are going to pay to the full measure.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “John Stossel and Psychological Warfare

  1. Wowser! Couldn’t’ve said it better myself! I was surprised to hear this about him as I thought he was a good guy, but I’m glad he is being called out for this! I have been working my butt off since I was 11 and have been paying into their system since 15, which is over 42 years now, I lost my 6 year job in 2010 and can’t find anything out there to be able to pay my bills, keep my home and now I have lost my health insurance and unemployment! I’m going to be one of the next residents in the tent city if something doesn’t happen real fast. I don’t know what to do! I hope my donations to Ron Paul were useful and we can get him in to stop this destruction of our Republic!

  2. “Zionist”? Can we not say “jew” on this website? Why use that jew buffer word? Stossel is a jew.

    I am James Laffrey, real name. I take responsibility for what I say. Jewry is the Common Enemy of ALL of us non-jews. Read their Talmud. Observe their behavior as a network. Observe who dies and who doesn’t in all wars and Depressions. (Don’t buy their HoloHoax. Population figures show jewry INCREASED during the WW2 period.) Need I go on? Proof awaits anybody who will read NON-jew sources. What did General George Patton say after WW2? I’m with the General.

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