Judge Napolitano Exposes Secrets of the Fed on Fox

Judge Napolitano agrees with George Will that the Fed has become the 4th branch of government, unelected and no oversight over incredible powers.

Arguing that it is neither federal nor a reserve, the Judge noted that the job of the Fed is to make the president — no matter who the president may be — look good.

One thought on “Judge Napolitano Exposes Secrets of the Fed on Fox

  1. Wow….what a great video! I wish this would go viral and get out to the US ppl that sit behind their TV’s all day and believe every word that these faux news stations put out. Coming from a judge I mean that is most simply put…we are headed for what? I money means nothing…It’s time to reestablish our constitution and get new founding fathers that aren’t corrupt and part of the NWO

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