Juror faints during testimony in Hatfield child rape trial

This occurred in my area which is flooded by wetbacks. Any allusion to him being here as an illegal invader is conveniently sidestepped, thanks to joo-run msm and kosher created pc fear of truth.

The Reporter – by Kaitlyn Foti

NORRISTOWN >> During medical testimony in the trial of a man accused of raping a 6-year-old girl in Hatfield, a juror stood up, wobbled and fainted.

Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill said the juror cited photographs that were shown during the testimony and medical references as the cause. The juror was replaced with an alternate.  

Oscar Rivera Herrera
Oscar Rivera Herrera

“(The juror) is okay. We’ve determined that based upon what did occur, it is not evident that he is able to listen, take it in, process it as a juror is required to do,” O’Neill said. “He feels it would be difficult to move forward.”

The incident came early in the second day of testimony in the trial of Oscar Rivera Herrera, 28, who is accused of breaking into a Hatfield apartment, climbing into the bed of a 6-year-old girl and raping her.

A nurse who took part in the forensic examination of the girl the night of the alleged assault was testifying when the juror fainted. The testimony Wednesday morning included upsetting medical details and photos.

Once the alternate juror was seated, Judge O’Neill cautioned the remaining jurors that the incident should hold no sway on how they perceive evidence in the case. He also asked them if anyone else felt that they may have trouble moving forward as jurors. The jury remained silent and the trial continued.

The nurse and nurse practitioner who examined the alleged victim on the day of the assault detailed that there were “positive physical examination findings” during the exam that were consistent with sexual assault.

Defense attorney Brendan Campbell pointed out during cross examination that the notes from the examination include a contradiction to the victim’s testimony the day before. While the girl told the court that her shorts and underwear were pulled down during the assault, the examination notes recorded that she said they stayed on.

The nurse said that from her recollection, the girl told them that her underwear did come down.

The charges against Herrera include burglary, criminal trespass, rape, rape of a child, statutory sexual assault, sexual assault, indecent assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, resisting arrest and loitering and prowling at night.

He was arrested at about 4 a.m. Nov. 9, 2015 in the Hatfield home of the victim’s family, after the girl’s brother woke on the bottom bunk to sounds coming from his sister’s top bunk bed. When the boy alerted his parents that someone was in their room, the girl’s stepfather kept Herrera in the room while the police arrived.

Campbell has told the court that his client is guilty of breaking into the home and getting into the bunk bed, but his client maintains that there was no sexual assault.

Testimony ended Wednesday as Assistant District Attorney Stewart Ryan finished calling witnesses. Closing statements for the trial are set to take place Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Juror faints during testimony in Hatfield child rape trial

  1. Disgusting!!!

    As a juror I would DEMAND to know if this low life was an illegal felon, and convict his rear on this charge let alone the rape charge. Verdict guilty, hang him.

  2. That p**sy “father” needs executed, he just “held him” till the cops could take him away AFTER he raped his daughter rather than execute him right then and there. No balls. No balls. Execute the spick.

  3. “… Oscar Rivera Herrera, 28, who is accused of breaking into a Hatfield apartment, climbing into the bed of a 6-year-old girl and raping her.”

    Louisville Slugger.

    Don’t kill the scumbag, just put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his unnatural life.

    With shattered elbows, so it’s hard to push the wheels.

    But then again, the commie so-called ‘government’ would most likely give the rat bast@rd a motorized one.

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