4 thoughts on “Just flew over my house!

  1. Had a similar experience this morning in West Central Florida. Except they were flying at about 100′ and the markings were medical. White square with a red cross in the middle. Training over residential areas,…for what? Made me think it was the obola squad doing a test run.

  2. I’ve been seeing Chinooks (two at a time usually) flying over my house lately. Flying from south to north here in CA.
    . . .

  3. Two nights in a row, a Huey flew over at 200 – 300 ft. at a high rate of speed, and would fly back in an hour, always after dark in Western SC. Others near the coast are seeing several Black Hawks at a time flying toward Savannah, GA always at night.

  4. We’ve seen a lot of Blackhawks and Apaches flying west to east lately in central PA. Its rare to see military helo’s in our area. We still see the nightly C130 refueling over our house. Increased helo activity had us wondering.

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