KARMA! IRS Guard Draws on Cop – The Angle NOBODY’s Talking About!!

Published on Aug 17, 2019

This is absolutely fascinating! Here’s an example of a cop being treated EXACTLY like cops always treat other NON-law-enforcement human beings. We all know if you don’t obey a cop’s rules you get a firearm or a taser pointed at you and you’re threatened with arrest because you didn’t comply with the magical pieces of paper of politicians called “laws.” You didn’t comply with the magical human beings called law enforcers who wear the magical uniforms with the magical badges which, as far as their actions indicate, seems to cause them to falsely believe that they have special authority, rights and privileges over other human beings. It’s a complete fiction and most people believe in and play along with this fiction. To fail to play along invites the immoral, unjust force of uniformed authoritarians.

This video shows what it looks like when the tables of “law-enFORCEment” are turned on a cop.

8 thoughts on “KARMA! IRS Guard Draws on Cop – The Angle NOBODY’s Talking About!!

  1. useful idiot gets a slap of reality LOVE IT!!!

    ‘he’s receiving therapy’ LOL….surely a lawsuit in the works HAHAHA

  2. My clown suit has more authority !!
    No ,.. my clown suit does
    This is comical as hell

    So piggy how do you like it ?

    Now he’s mentally damaged for life and wants to sue
    LMFAO you can’t make this shit up
    Two dopes doing dope shit

  3. Wait! Wait! Stop me if you’ve heard this one… A sheriff deputy, a cop and a federally contracted security guard walk into a building, which one has more authority?

    Apparently the one with more badges and friends on his side, just like everywhere else.

    There is no law. It only comes down to who has more friends with guns on his side. It’s basically two wolves asking a sheep what’s for dinner? Democracy in action.

  4. And what’s with the security guard wearing black gloves? Why is he wearing black gloves? Is it so he can plant the gun on the deputy to make it look like a murder suicide after he shoots and kills him since his fingerprints won’t be on the gun? Seriously, what’s with the hitman gloves?

  5. I also find it funny how he wears his glasses like a stereotypical IRS accountant, half down/head down with eyes looking up at you. Even their security guards look like accountants. In his case, he’s a half cop wearing a mustache and half accountant with his glasses worn the accountant way. He should actually be hired as a crisis actor. I’m sure he’d fit right in.

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