Kentucky passes immunization opt-outs

Courier Journal

Senate Bill 8 received final passage Tuesday, expanding the ability of Kentuckians and parents to opt out of required immunizations in the event of a pandemic based on conscientiously held beliefs.

The original version of the bill would have significantly relaxed requirements for childhood immunizations by allowing parents to opt out due to conscientious beliefs, with bill sponsor Sen. Mike Wilson, R-Bowling Green, fearing the government would mandate people take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The House passed an amended SB 8 last week by a 77-20 vote, adding a provision that no person can be required to be immunized with a vaccine that has not been licensed and undergone at least two years of a post-licensure safety study.

Rep. Lisa Willner, D-Louisville, voted against the bill last week, saying she was concerned about some of the rhetoric and disinformation spreading about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines as the state seeks to vaccinate the public.

2 thoughts on “Kentucky passes immunization opt-outs

  1. Stupid fks, We don’t need no God damned “Opt-Out”…. The scum who think they are helping their constituents by crafting this “corporate indulgence” legislation for an “Opt-out” are as guilty as the rest and shall be treated the same.

    You mthrfkrs might as well, go along with the whole charade, cause we gonna hang your assess too.

    Don’t you get it, your corporate government is Unlawful! You are all criminals acting as agents for tyranny.

    Join the people, buy guns and ammo and lets eradicate this ridiculous, preposterous un-American law violating system.

    We don’t need your permission….!

    1. Exactly! This is another ploy to identify the ‘vaccine hesitant’ and to remove the children from those families. Oh how they want the children!
      This ‘opt out’ BS is like the ‘second amendment sanctuary states’ BS

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